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The next big thing, according to Ohio State director of player personnel Mark Pantoni?

I think the next wave is you’re going to see it become more — have more personnel specific departments like the NFL. I think you’re going to start seeing — there’s already two or three schools that have titles of general manager, and then you’re going to see just 20 people in the personnel office just cutting up film and doing film evals. I think that’s going to be the next step and it’s just going to keep growing from there.

Stadium naming rights.  General managers.  Giant personnel offices.  “… and it’s just going to keep growing from there.”

I’d call it NFL-lite, but it sounds like the only lite part is the general managers not having to worry about salary caps.



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9 responses to “Today, in just shoot me now

  1. I hate the NFL. Why does the sport that so many of us love want to become that? I am a romantic when it comes to this as opposed to the NCAA’s view of amateurism.

    The schools can fund all of this garbage but then talk about how the hired help should be happy with their cost of attendance scholarship.



      You hate the sport that these kids you enjoy watching aspire to get to.

      I never understood the feelings some have for the NFL…yeah, it’s different than College Ball…but it’s still damn good football. I grew up a Falcons Fan too…I enjoy it when they have competitive teams…

      It doesn’t replace my feelings for UGA football at all…


      • It has nothing to do with it being different. I don’t care for it and would rather spend Sundays with my family rather than watching games in which I have no interest.


  2. Russ

    Guess I need to find a good Div 3 school to start following.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Doesn’t Alabama already have that?


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    Reminds me of the days leading up to the enron debacle.


  5. Cousin Eddie

    any NFL coaches make $11 mil/yr? Looks like the NFL is going to be the Sr NCAA league in the future


  6. Ant123

    I think he’s counting his chickens before their hatched.


  7. I can’t believe some people still cling to the belief that just because the player gets a full scholly, that the kids should just shut up and watch as everyone around him make minimum six-figures yearly and many make millions….even from the coaching staff to sports admin.