Sign you’re at a football school

From last night’s (likely, in the long term) meaningless basketball win:

In the game’s last minute, the home crowd paid the victor the ultimate compliment, chanting, “Just Like Football! Just Like Football!” High praise, indeed.

For the record, last night in no way resembled the most glorious opening seven-and-a-half minutes of Georgia football I’ve witnessed in Jacksonville.

As things go, though, not a bad Gator troll.


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16 responses to “Sign you’re at a football school

  1. Russ

    Fox keeps dragging me back. I suspect it will be fool’s gold, though.

    I liked the troll, though.


  2. gastr1

    I have no confidence basketball will build on last night’s win, in part because Fox’s teams are terrible on the road, historically. Maybe we’ll be 20-12 and get a nice NIT bid. You can all yell at me if we do better, I’ll be glad to take it.

    Football was great this year. Sweet Gator tears.


  3. DoubleDawg1318

    Despite my complete lack of confidence in Mark Fox and my hope that we don’t salvage a meaningless NIT tournament out of this season, I will take a victory of the Gators anytime and anywhere.


  4. AusDawg85

    UGA football…it will get your coach fired.

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  5. barneydawg

    Mark Fox teams are like Lucy taking the football away from Charlie Brown. I still believe that a decent, entertaining team can draw a crowd at the Steg. But each time I get enthusiastic enough to drive an hour to attend, we lay an ugly egg and I leave despondent. As has been suggested, my ideal situation would be for Fox to replace McGreg as AD and hire then the next BB coach. My question is would Fox be beholden and taking orders from the Power Couple?


  6. DaddyRichATL

    Fox is doing less with more
    How about the double-juke on that Holyfield run? Turned a negative yardage play into a touchdown!


  7. lakedawg

    Fox’s team is one shooter away from a tournament team, always seems to be that way. Claxton, Hammonds Crump, the 5 star kis coming in, but of course losing Maten again will be one player needed next year. Always feels like he is close year after year.


    • Derek

      Yeah, I don’t understand what a coach can do about a team that can’t shoot.

      You can get them to play hard. You can get them to play defense. You can make sure they make FT’s. When you’re allowing under 30% shooting and losing, its because you just suck at putting it in the bucket. The things you can control are controlled. You just have to accept that you may suck at basketball.

      How does Fox make a kid a scorer? You can say that he is supposed to recruit one, but he can’t make that happen with the guys he has.

      No matter how good a coach Kirby Smart is Brian Herrien will never produce like Nick or Sony, period. Brian is just not that caliber of player. We don’t recruit very many Nick and Sony level players in basketball and never have.


    • Bulldog Joe

      Can we get our 58-year-old hall of famer to come back to school and get his degree?

      Oh, and work with our shooters too.


      • gastr1

        Fox has never had shooters. (Maybe Caldwell-Pope.) This is one reason why he’s a poor coach: he runs an outdated offense that was in vogue before the rules changes in the NBA and NCAA that allowed for more player movement (“pace and space”). His offense is like Monty Kiffin’s defense–it was great in 1996. Now, though, it’s a different game, and we’re a team trying to play it with one arm tied behind our back because the coach doesn’t believe in three-pointers, pick-and-roll, and spacing.

        That he is a decent coach at all is shown by his winning as much as he has. But he’s never going to get over the hump because he’s stuck in Tex Winter’s coaching philosophy.

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    • Russ

      The kids are scared because the first bad shot, Fox benches them. He needs to let them run on offense. Defense is nice, but you can’t win every game 50-48.


  8. Otto

    Give Mark Fox a contract extension


  9. Spike

    It was a nice troll, to be sure. Beating those guys never ever gets old.


  10. Got Cowdog

    I watched it! I watched it! Mrs. Cowdog and I were at one of our favorite watering holes and it was on the big screen. That’s the first UGA basketball game I have watched in years. Is it just me or did they look sloppy? Out of position a lot, missed some picks, foul line shooting pretty rugged in the first half. I’m glad they won and all, but they didn’t look too sharp.
    Disclaimer: This review of the 2017/18 UGA basketball program brought to you by the ONLY player cut from his 9th grade basketball team, of which there were ten minus Cowdog. I was banished back to the football field and never got over it. I hate basketball. Still pissed off about it.


  11. TMC DAWG

    All I know is we whipped the gayturds ASS!,,