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This doesn’t sound promising.

I wonder what’s going on with Deangelo Gibbs.

Georgia freshman defensive back Deangelo Gibbs is not currently enrolled in classes at UGA, a school spokesman confirmed on Friday.

Responding to an inquiry, UGA spokesman Rebecca Beeler said Gibbs was “not currently enrolled in classes at UGA.”

Gibbs’ status going forward with the team is unclear at this point. He was not with the team during the latter portion of the season, tending to what was termed a “medical issue” by the team.

The news means Gibbs almost certainly will not be with the team for spring practice or participate in G-Day, barring something unforeseen. It was also not clear whether Gibbs was still in Athens or somewhere else.

Well, dayum.  Hope the kid’s not in serious trouble.


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The ride was great, even if the ultimate destination was never reached.

The only question I had before reading Bill Connelly’s list of the top ten games from last season was in what order Georgia’s last two games would fall at the top two spots.  (IMO, Bill got the order right.)


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It’s the end of college hockey as we know it!

I’m sure one of you staunch defenders of the amateurism status quo can explain something to me.

Why is that okay for hockey, but not for football?

Eh, don’t worry about constructing a reply.  It was a rhetorical question.  I think we all know the an$wer.


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A quarterbacks coach’s work is never done.

Speaking of Fromm, there is something he needs to improve on this offseason.  Take a look at his final passing chart.

He’s definitely got some work to do on his throwing to the right side of the field.  I don’t know if it’s a physical or a mental issue (I would guess the former), but there’s little doubt he’s more comfortable throwing across his body, based on those stats.

The other informative stat from the linked piece is this:

The Georgia offensive line definitely played a role in Fromm’s success. He was pressured on just 27.4 percent of his total drop backs, and had a pressure rate under 20 percent in seven different games.

Can you imagine how Eason’s freshman season might have gone with that kind of protection?  Or Aaron Murray’s career?


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It’s never too early to start in on a quarterback controversy.



The candidates: Jake Fromm, Justin Fields

Returning starter: Fromm

What to watch: The good news is that Fromm knows the drill. He was in Fields’ position a year ago, hoping to beat out a returning starter (Eason). The difference is that Fromm helped Georgia win the SEC and reach the national title game, showing incredible maturity with efficient passing (he was rated ninth nationally) and limited mistakes (seven interceptions in 291 attempts). He has to hold off Fields, a possible once-in-a-decade prospect who enrolled early and will compete this spring. Georgia coach Kirby Smart, a Nick Saban disciple, won’t hesitate to make a change, so Fromm must continue to develop.

And I thought we were supposed to wait at least until the G-Day QBR numbers rolled in.


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