“Well, I plan on spending $40 million.”

It’s always heartwarming to see the focus schools and conferences bring to their primary mission: academics their revenue streams.


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8 responses to ““Well, I plan on spending $40 million.”

  1. DawgByte

    Money, class warfare, hatred of the NCAA… your brain is hard wired…


    • “Class warfare”? Wut


      • Derek

        He’s speaking of your complete lack of faith in the white man’s culture.

        Complaining about exploitation by the powers that be is “class warfare” in conserva-speak.

        Take Bob Knight’s advice: when rape is inevitable, lay back and enjoy it.


        • Macallanlover

          Your racist approach by addressing issues as “white culture” is as offensive as others collectively grouping blacks as if there is no difference from one individual and another. Same with lumping conservatives as if there isn’t differences on various issues. Such simplistic thinking prevents rational discourse between people, parties, and other groups and doesn’t permit common ground actions that can lead to improvements. That is one reason I would like to see the parties listed on ballots eliminated, such “herd thinking” has created a wider division and retarded compromise options that tend to be more centric. To be honest, you seem to support the party which marches in lock step more often so you are probably comfortable with that approach. It has unfortunately led to increased divisiveness and a stalemate at a time when we need better minds working together on finding solutions.


        • DawgByte

          Derek you’re a dipshit who doesn’t get it.

          What I’m talking about is Blutarsky’s constant rants about the haves and have nots. In his utopian neo-Marxist world, the haves are evil oligarchs lurking inside the walls of NCAA headquarters, who are obviously in cahoots with Power 5 conference schools, well paid coaches, Nike, Under Armour, ESPN 1, 2 & 3, CBS Sports, Fox Sports and anyone else seeking to make a buck off the back of America’s poor marginalized football players… you know those plantation slaves, who are forced to participate at gun point by some invisible master.

          “Blutarsky”, my recommendation to you is this: step away from the computer man. Take a vacation with the Mrs. and your pedigree Poodle. Layoff the social media, bypass the news, bury the Donald Trump Voodoo doll in some vacant field and smoke some Pineapple Express. Your obsession is clearly making you a basket case.


  2. Macallanlover

    Take more off the student fees charged to all, no need to provide additional benefits to athletes who are given a generous amount already. Would be a benefit to more students, many of whom could use the help.


  3. Trbodawg

    It would be interesting (to me,at least) to see just how much money student fees bring in. And if I remember correctly, Alabama doesn’t charge any student ‘activity’ fees. . .