Matt Hinton’s top 100

Thought this would make for a good jumping off point for a blog discussion:

Some random thoughts:

  • This is the year of the defensive lineman.  Ten — count ’em, ten — of the top twelve Hinton lists play on the DL.
  • How sorry do you feel for ACC offensive linemen?  Clemson has four of those ten defensive linemen.  Sheesh.
  • Tua ahead of Jake.  Sigh.
  • As Matt himself notes, that Kyler Murray ranking seems a little aggressive at this point.
  • Florida Atlantic has three players on that list.  Florida has none.  Ouchy ouch.

And here’s how the SEC shows out:

  • Alabama:  7
  • Georgia:  4
  • Auburn, TAMU:  3
  • LSU, MSU:  2
  • Kentucky, Missouri, Ole Miss, South Carolina, Tennessee:  1
  • Arkansas, Florida, Vanderbilt:  0

No, élite talent isn’t everything.  Depth matters, too.  But every great program has its fair share of top-end players who elevate.  I suspect there’s a reasonable (not the same thing as exact) amount of correlation between the order of that list and how the conference shakes out this season.  Your thoughts?


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23 responses to “Matt Hinton’s top 100

  1. Not only Fromm. Tua is also ahead of Lock and Stidham. I want some of whatever this guy is smoking.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Tua, Schmua. I’m tired of that.


  3. Got Cowdog

    Why do I keep having the feeling it may be UGA’s O’line vs Clemson’s D’line for all the marbles at the end of the year?


  4. tbia

    Pretty sure that list for the most part is not “ranked”. It is way too patterned mathematically to be a ranking. He went school to school, or position by position and just wrote names.


  5. did one of these things too. They did not rank D’Andre Swift or D’Andre Walker in the Top 100 but DID rank Rodrigo Blankenship (#100) and Jonathan Ledbetter (#73)…and put Tua #84 and Fromm #65.

    Ah, good old “need filler in late June” coverage.


  6. TN Decade of Dominance (2008-17)

    I don’t understand all the love for Trey Smith and not for Andrew Thomas. Thomas played OT last year and not guard unlike Smith. Now I’m not saying Thomas is way better than smith but will it translate this year for Smith. Then again I think teams may not be attacking Smith as I am pretty sure UT will have some other holes. So at the end of the year I guess Smith might be better than Thomas stat wise.


    • Andrew Thomas is going to be a star. He was incredible last year at right tackle as a true freshman and, barring injury, is going to be a high draft pick in a couple of years.


  7. NCDawg

    Swift and Fromm are good, but I think by year’s end neither will be considered the top 2 players on Georgia.


  8. ASEF

    D’Andre, Jake, Damien, Tua, Drew, and Jarrett all in one big group.

    What’s the gradient here 1-30? Heck, 1-100? You could probably hit a random sort button out of that group and end up with an arguable list. They all good.

    Oddly team-centric list, heavily weighted towards conference favorites.. And the ACC has by my count 4 players not playing for Dabo, 2 at Duke. None at Florida State.


  9. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    We have the D’Andre team locked up.


  10. Jt (the other one)

    Sorry…not sorry…this season will show who the better QB is. Mark it down Bama’ will have a QB controversy the entire season.


  11. PTC DAWG

    UGA is starting to close the gap, finally.


  12. TMC DAWG

    Andrew Thomas should be on the list. Most NFL scouts have him already at the very least a 2nd rounder when he enters the draft.


  13. Jack Burton