As long as you’re doing it for the kids…

Concerned Ohio State AD is concerned.

Gambling scandals have been a part of college sports for generations. But legal gambling creates potential issues that probably can’t even be foreseen yet.

“It concerns me,” Smith said. “It concerns me from the point of view of the athlete — making sure we protect people. My biggest concern is educating, educating, educating, and then putting in firewalls to protect them.”

He said the most vulnerable players are young players who may be immature and haven’t fully bought into the team’s culture.

“We know gambling exists now,” Smith said. “We’re not naive. But as it becomes more transparent and prevalent, our kids are going to be more susceptible to people trying to influence them to do things. How do we protect them from making a bad decision?”

I’m guessing the best way to do that involves schools getting a piece of the action.  Funny how that works, ain’t it?


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4 responses to “As long as you’re doing it for the kids…

  1. When you hear about anyone say they are doing whatever “for the kids,” you know it isn’t about the kids. “The kids” are nothing but human shields for whatever scheme someone is hatching.

    Admit this is about monetizing state-sanctioned sports gambling and get on with it.


    • Got Cowdog

      And legalize weed while your at it. Tax it like booze and use the money generated for education.


      • Whiskeydawg

        OR…OR…DUDE…I KNOW….ah…you could use the tax money to… more….. weed….


        • Got Cowdog

          I feel strongly that our elected officials will have a fair and equitable program for distributing the new income stream, you know, for the kids.