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Locker room talk


The most repeated complaint about visiting locker rooms across the board is that they’re too small. But space isn’t the only issue.

“There’s a lot of ones that don’t have soap or hot water,” Kentucky linebacker Josh Allensaid.

That’s not a problem at South Carolina.

“They have no showers,” said Kentucky tight end C.J. Conrad.

Is this what some of y’all mean when you claim Florida has a home field advantage in Jacksonville?



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Today, in “stick to sports” sticking to sports

I’m sure I’ll get some grief for linking to this, but it’s a perfect story as to why I’m so cynical about the whole uproar over players taking knees during the playing of the national anthem.

In the years following 9/11, professional sports took a healing gesture and transformed it into a way to make money. In 2015, Republican Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake released the report “Tackling Paid Patriotism,” which criticized the deceptive, taxpayer-funded contracts between the Pentagon and virtually every pro sports league. In 2012, the New York Army National Guard paid the Buffalo Bills $250,000 to conduct on-field re-enlistment ceremonies. In 2014, the Georgia National Guard paid the Atlanta Falcons $114,000 to sing the national anthem. In 2015, the Air Force paid NASCAR $1.5 million in part for veterans to shake hands with racing legend Richard Petty. Your tax dollars. At work.

“Yeah I hate to say it, but I wasn’t completely surprised,” Astore says. “But I was disgusted by it. Patriotic displays, they mean a lot more to me when they’re spontaneous. But to learn that these had been paid for — that corporate teams, teams owned by billionaires, basically, were collecting money from the military. Paid for, obviously, by you and me, by the American taxpayer. Well, it was sad.”

American flags are the ultimate Good Housekeeping seal. And thanking veterans for their service disconnects the public from what has been nearly two decades of war. The ballpark ceremony obscures the realities of war and, by focusing on soldiers, inoculates the government from antiwar criticism.

I have no sympathy for the NFL’s current dilemma.  It’s a problem those greedheads happily brought on themselves because the money was good, and now that they’ve reaped the whirlwind, they’re frozen on how to escape.

At least nobody’s tried to bribe their way into making college football players appear on the field for the anthem.  Hopefully, that’s one “be more like the NFL” tack even the morons running college football are able to resist.


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So this is what things have come to.

Tennessee beat writer is “boldly predicting the Vols to finish ahead of Kentucky and Vanderbilt in the SEC East”.

As sad sounding as that is, you can’t argue with his rationale for using the word bold.

… although Kentucky has a bountiful supply of starters returning from a team that beat UT last season, and Vanderbilt has won four of its past six games against Tennessee.

In Knoxville, they welcome their new lowered expectations overlords, at least for a few weeks.


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My, that fake juice looks tasty.

Despite that Florida hasn’t beaten FSU or Miami since way back in 2012, some enterprising Gator fan decided it would be a swell idea to take some swag Dan Mullen created for Mississippi State and bring it to the Sunshine State.

I keep saying it, but these guys are turning into what we were ten, fifteen years ago… not that there’s anything wrong with that.


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A portrait of gettin’ buttah

I mentioned a while back how the real measure of quality for Georgia’s 2017 season wasn’t that it had a top five defense, but that it performed well in all phases of the game.  Here’s a pictorial representation of what that looks like:

Above the conference average in every metric and better than the five-year program average in everything except turnover margin is what I would call a good start.


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