Your concern is duly noted.

Oh, FFS, Chip.

Now that the Paul Finebaum drama has been settled, the SEC can get on with kicking off the college football season like it does every year.

“Now that the Paul Finebaum drama has been settled” is either weak snark or a lame take on reality.  Outside of Finebaum’s coterie and ESPN’s suits, there aren’t ten people in the world who give a rat’s ass about where PAWWWLLL!!! broadcasts his next show.


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7 responses to “Your concern is duly noted.

  1. MurphDawg

    Or cares if he ever broadcasts another show at all…..


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    I was gonna miss Phyllis from Mulga. That voice trained by a hundred thousand Camel Straight Pipes.

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  3. Argondawg

    He uses that in the opening sentence and that’s it. Zero follow up. That has to be snark. Chip is not really known for his snark though.



    Senator your opinion is duly noted, who gives a shit?


  5. ugafidelis

    Pawl who?


  6. Go Dawgs!

    I really hope you’re right, because I find Paul Finebaum’s schtick to be embarrassing as a southerner. I mean, he’s fine in and of himself, though I find his actual insider knowledge of anything outside of Auburn or Tuscaloosa to be pretty lacking. But the fact that he is beaming his cast of characters nationwide and to the world beyond reinforces a lot of views of southerners that I’d prefer not to amplify.

    That said, I have met a lot of people in the past couple of years who bring up Finebaum and his show when they find out I’m a football fan. It’s disconcerting, If ESPN was willing to throw money at him, I’m worried that means their research is showing that a lot of people are paying attention to him.