Roller coaster ride on the Plains

That pundit who said this might be Auburn’s year meant to say that it might not be Auburn’s year.

I remember the days not too long ago when some of the gloomier commenters here used to see Auburn’s ups and downs as a superior ride to the steadier course Georgia had under Richt.  Good times, eh?

And when I say downs, this is what I’m referring to.

Can you call it a throwaway year when you’re not trying to throw the year away?


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19 responses to “Roller coaster ride on the Plains

  1. Greg

    I only pull for them 1 time per year….against Bama.



    Here’s to trends..


  3. Dave

    I don’t see how any reasonable person can dismiss one claim over the other regarding which was better (ups and downs or even keel, Auburn vs Georgia).

    During Richt’s tenure, we won 2 SECC to Auburn’s 3. They had 2 undefeated seasons, played for 2 MNCs, and won 1 MNC, and we had none of those.

    I personally would have preferred their run, but I can totally understand why someone would prefer how we did under Richt.

    That being said, if last year was their big “up” for a while, that changes things, but I’m talking about what happened while Richt was at Georgia.


    • McTyre

      When one factors in the sleaze factor in their big seasons – from paying Rev. Newton to gleefully setting loose the wild animal Nick Farley – I feel even better about the comparison. Richt clearly began underachieving but the few Auburn peaks during that period were too tainted for this UGA alum to envy. Under Kirby, it’s proven we simply needed to upgrade the coaching rather than cheat like Auburn, FSU and the like.


    • mwo

      I hope last year was their Big up. I heard someone say on the radio today auburn was 2 and 4 in their 6 biggest games of the year last season. That sounds about right.


    • Tony Barnfart

      I also think the comparison is tainted by the fact that we OWNED THAT A$$ during that run. In other words, I’m happy to have had owning Auburn and steadiness to their peak+volatility. Not sure I would trade it if they were actually beating us more than twice in 12 years or whatever it was.


  4. Cojones

    After rewatching the first half of the SECC game last night and realizing that a good part of that team will be faced again this year and with Stidham still there it makes that game problematic concerning how well they replace lost players. Our O against their D is the only part that I can bet on, otherwise it’s macht nichts.


    • They only have one linemen returning and Johnson is gone. Likely force them to rely on he pass, which Stidham’s health at risk. This year could be pretty good for the Tigers or end up being a disaster. I am leaning towards a rough year. Have Bama, A&M (the surprise), MSU and then LSU and Auburn dropping in at 4 and 5 (could go either way).


      • Cojones

        By the time we play them, some questions about their O will be answered and if we force Stidham to constantly pass with no running game, you could be correct about the disaster, but don’t forget that Stidham can run well also. While I believe he will leave a mark on us, it is a home game so there’s that.


  5. Bulldog Joe

    Georgia did not get Auburn’s best shot.


    • Itsdone

      AU having gone 3-10 against UGA in last 13 games, I think we haven’t had their best shot many times!

      Let’s not forget that what Florida has been to UGA, we have been to AU in recent history. This fly by night offense garbage slaughters any mediocre challenger, but doesn’t work against the big boys often. Usually, it is some fluke when they win like their surprise power offense strategy last year. Their bag of tricks is running low.


  6. Mayor

    Auburn has a scheduling advantage. In odd years Auburn gets both Georgia and Bama at home. So the question is….would you rather have a throwaway year every other year so you could have a damn good chance at winning the SEC in those other years? Plus also having a lock on getting in the 4 team playoff? I think Auburn is exactly where they want to be.


  7. JCDawg83

    The cheetahs on the plains can only seem to manage great seasons when they can find a qb with a felony arrest who has been kicked off of another SEC team. Until Gus and the War Tiger Plainsmen can find that missing piece they will be an also ran.

    As to the basic question; I’d rather never see another Georgia football win than become anything like that scum of the earth program in Opelika. Auburn is the living embodiment of everything that is wrong with college athletics today.