“Dancing with the Tigers”

Boy, I bet there were a few “tight end” jokes being cracked during this.

A lot of money was raised to battle breast cancer last Saturday in Clemson at the 2018 Dabo Swinney Ladies Clinic. Plenty of eyebrows have also been raised after racy video and pictures from the event were shared on social media.

Members of the Clemson Tigers college football team are pictured dressed in their underwear or rolled-up shorts, and a video shows star defensive lineman Christian Wilkins performing a striptease around a seated woman.

In the video, Wilkins guides one of the 3,000-plus participants in the event to a seat on the floor of Littlejohn Coliseum, as a crowd of women look on in the background at an event where the university invited female fans to participate in drills, meet coaches and players.

While holding her hand, Wilkins guides the woman to a seat, which she takes with dramatic flair. As Wilkins circles the woman a number of times, she playfully reaches for him.

He eventually tears off his tank top and begins to briefly dance in front of her, then drops to grind on the ground. He rises and approaches the seated woman in an embrace before circling her again and draping a leg over her shoulder.

The video ends as Wilkins and the woman swap positions, with her rising to face him as he sits in the chair.

Is it worth bothering with a “stay classy, Clemson” here?

The perfect topper to this would be if the woman tipped Wilkins and the school had to report that as a secondary violation.



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28 responses to ““Dancing with the Tigers”

  1. The Tick

    IPTAY etiquette says the going rate of bill to stick in the jock strap of a dancer is … what? … a fiver? … a twenty?


  2. Brandon

    The Jezebel critique of this writes itself.


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    I knew that baptism tub was just a front for something much more wicked!


  4. ASEF

    Wait. I thought it was just pizza parties and prayer meetings.


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    A little un-harmonious against the backdrop of Dabo’s religiosity from last week?


  6. Got Cowdog

    Soooo…., IPTAY will get your wife into the dong bar? Whats in it for me?


  7. Bright Idea

    She really played the part…looked willing and all. She should have been offended like we are, right?


  8. Who gives a shit. These guys raised $350,000 for cancer treatment.


  9. RangerRuss

    Clemson sucks.


  10. BMan

    Well, now we know what the T&A in IPTAY stand for.

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  11. steve

    ‘Dances with Cheeto Wolves’…..the trailer


  12. 3rdandGrantham

    Nice. Her husband, or ex ex husband, certainly is proud.


  13. stoopnagle

    Upcountry. What ya gonna do?

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  14. Brad

    I don’t know if he likes women, but Wilkins does like to grab the men on the football field.


  15. Ben

    There’s something really unsettling about this, and it plays more and more into the exploitation of these athletes. Sure, the kid thinks it’s funny, but is it really okay for the adults in the room to let him get away with a striptease for a fan?

    Clemson’s not getting close to the sexual exploitation of an athlete with this; they’ve breezed across the line. And let’s not pretend they wouldn’t have made a pile of money also if they’d done a “faux gala” with the guys dressed up in tuxedos or suits and an “awards banquet” type thing instead. At least that’s kind of coded.

    I’m going to be damn embarrassed when something similar to this potentially comes out at UGA.

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    • Cousin Eddie

      So if this happened at Baylor would it be ok? To me it is showing the school and coaching staff condone this behavior. If he was third string he would have been suspended, but then again she probably wouldn’t want a third stringer dancing for her.

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  16. Russ

    Get back to me when the Women’s swim team has a “learn the rules” night.

    Oh wait, was that offensive?


  17. AJ

    BYOG….bring ya own g-string, baby!


  18. Bulldog Joe

    …then the female fans participated in the drills.