Meet the seniors

They’re a relatively small bunch, but they’ll be counted on for quite a lot.

In particular, there’s a lot of experience coming back on the defensive line.  There are health and consistency issues to overcome, but as the cliché goes, it’s a contract year.

Individually speaking, they need for Woerner to step up and be that number one guy, not just as a receiving option, but also as a consistent blocker, something he was not great with early last season (although, to be fair, he did improve in that regard as the season progressed).

Do I even need to mention Blankenship here?

Your thoughts?



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15 responses to “Meet the seniors

  1. Bourbon Dawgwalker

    Not a lot of talent left in this years senior class


  2. ASEF

    Kirby’s first senior class. Has it really been that long?


  3. Russ

    I’m going to miss Hot Rod. He’s a great kicker, and fun character.

    And while we don’t have that many seniors, we have a bunch of talented juniors that have played a lot that should step up and lead the team as well.


  4. St. Johns Dawg

    Steady defensive group of seniors … But it’s the underclassmen who will make the biggest difference between an SECC game win or loss. We have depth … But we have to show we have quality depth that can make big plays in big moments. Not sure yet if any of the seniors will be a true bell cow (like Roquan was) by making numerous individual plays to lead the team.


  5. ApalachDawg

    I think this will be the norm going forward.
    Decisions like Chubb, Michel, Bellamy, Reed made, will be the atypical seniors.
    As long as the oconee River floweth thru the classic city with Kirby’s 5 stars, we shall stay in the mix.


    • Otto

      Agreed and further it isn’t shocking this class is small. The 1st complaint to surface for Smart was his first class was small and he should have bailed on Bama to recruit for UGA. I don’t so much agree with it bit observe the class was small. Smart has since worked to fill any holes in the team and has signed great classes. Bama had what 7 Juniors leave? I expect UGA will be much the same going forward and if it isn’t, it is likely because the kids aren’t playing well enough to get drafted. So I hope to see highly rated classes play well, get drafted, and sign more highly rated classes.


  6. DoubleDawg1318

    My biggest concern with the early entries is that it decimates 2019’s team leadership. We clearly suffered from a lack of leaders last year and it does not look promising for this year.


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    Other than Hot Rod, there aren’t any 1st or 2nd all-sec teamers in that group. Although you could characterize 3-star recruits like Marshall and McGhee, and transfer JR Reed as overachievers. Not sure I’d depend on them to lead us to a natty. We’ll still have a pretty young team through ’19 and that tougher schedule.


  8. If Woerner doesn’t get flexed out and used appropriately (aka learning from the Nauta misuse) we might as well start recruiting blocking only TEs moving forward. I know Gronk is another beast all to himself (I even mentioned that yesterday I think), but I’d take 6’5″ 240 in single coverage all. day. long. As far as leadership goes, if you can’t count on a JR QB and SR ILB/DL, I dunno what to tell you. Isn’t Robertson technically a SR based on years?


  9. Dawg in Austin

    I’d say there is a chance Herrien could be the most important, given Swift’s inability to stay healthy throughout HS and college, Cook’s lack of size, and questions about Zeus’s ability to recover his full potential.


    • artful codger

      yeah … he’ll play behind a healthy Swift and prob healthy Zeus too, but I’d like see the kid get 700 yards or so