“There’s a good chance potential difference-making talents will redshirt this season.”

Dawgs247 ranks each of Georgia’s position groups on the basis of this:

We’ve divided it up to three categories graded on a 1-5 scale with 1 being the lowest possible grade and 5 being the highest. The categories are Front Line (experience and talent level of starters and major contributors), Overall Talent (every person at that position’s raw ability), and depth (combining talent and experience behind the starters and major contributors).

Only one group scores a perfect 15.  It shouldn’t take much effort to figure out which one.


I will be curious to see where Georgia’s offensive line places in Steele’s 2019 position group rankings.



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16 responses to ““There’s a good chance potential difference-making talents will redshirt this season.”

  1. Russ

    I have zero worries about offensive line and it’s been years since I felt like that. I believe we have two complete starting offensive lines that could compete with anyone in the league.

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  2. Greg

    Hard to argue any of that….but if I was gonna nitpick, I’d say we have the best QB in CF. Should have been a 5 (“frontline”). Thinks the receivers may also been a little underrated. I believe they will excel.

    Overall, not bad (rating). Can’t give’em all 5’s, they may not work hard..😏


    • Russ

      I certainly agree that Fromm is one of the best in the nation. However, no backup is what worries me. In fact, it’s really my only worry for this season. An injury to Fromm could kill a potentially great season. I can’t see Bennett or Mathis leading this team this year.


    • Bat City Dawg

      I would rate the receivers a bit lower if anything.


    • Ray Avret

      Not sure I would go with best QB in CF that’s beyond a stretch


  3. Bill M

    CB position group rated too high IYAM


  4. Otto

    I think Brian Herrien has been underrated and hope he has a break out year.

    Tae Crowder might not be an all everything 1st rounder but he is a favorite as a last minute signing day get who was willing to move positions working his way into playing time.

    The scariest part of this year depth wise QB which is balanced by the OL being the strongest unit. LT and Center are usually the critical spots on the OL and the new Center looked good last year. The roster sets up for a big year which UGA will need given the string of games late in the year.

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    • rugbydawg79

      I am also really pulling for Herrien. Seems we see him everywhere ,a DGD that will be successful in life after football.


    • Ray Avret

      Other than Herrien first touch of the ball honestly I haven’t seen enough out of him to want to see more
      I see him as an average back and can function if needed and pressed into action


      • Bat City Dawg

        Good spark against Tennessee this year. Beyond that his work has been sporadic it is difficult to judge one way or the other. IMO given that the hasn’t had the chance to get into the flow of a game, he has done pretty well with his onsie-twosies chances


  5. DoubleDawg1318

    I think the author overrated some of our positions, especially on defense. There’s young talent all over the place but very few proven difference makers return.


  6. Connor

    I’ve always thought the offensive line was the place to start when evaluating a teams potential. Interestingly Bill Connelly notes returning experience on the O Line has the lowest correlation with offensive success of all the position groups. https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2019/1/31/18204093/2019-ncaa-football-returning-starters-experience
    Seems counter intuitive but his data is usually good. That said I’m still excited about the line Pittman has built.


  7. Cojones

    Holy mother of Dawg porn; QB and TE are the worst-graded positions we have?


  8. Godawg

    Wow, I just realized it’s Wednesday. Usually the “Playpen” clues me in as to what day it is. Guess we’ll have to go back to the camel walking through the office…


    • Sorry. Tied up with real world issues this morning. Today’s Playpen is now operational.


      • Godawg

        NP. It’s not that I post every much in the Pen but when I lunch at my desk, it’s entertaining to watch all the knuckleheads. Kind of like watching a social psychology experiment meltdown.

        BTW: Lately is HAS been the weekly morning reminder that it’s hump day. 🙂