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Always be roster managing.

In the here and now for Georgia fans, bigger news than Justin Fields hit yesterday.

Miami receiver Lawrence Cager is transferring to Georgia as a graduate transfer, helping the Bulldogs rebuild their depleted receiver corps.

Cager, a 6-foot-5 rising senior from Towson, Maryland, led the Hurricanes with six touchdown catches and 17.8 yards per reception in 2018. He caught 21 passes for 374 yards, both career-high totals, in 13 games.

If I’m not mistaken, that gives Georgia four wideouts on the roster that are at least 6-foot-5.  The sideline toss that is Fromm’s bread and butter is still alive and well.

Dial this clip up to the 2:51 mark and watch the catch.

I get the feeling Fromm and Cager are going to be doing a lot of timing work together this offseason.


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Today, in pursuit of the academic mission

Once you get through all the nonsensical advisor-babble — really, all that’s missing is “synergy” — check out what this dude’s ultimate destination for the Pac-12 is.

In Ravitch’s vision, ‘Pac12NewCo’ is an entity “that could someday go public.”

Given the essential nature of Larry Scott’s genius, I’m betting one day the Pac-12 gets acquired by a hedge fund operator who guts the conference and forces it into bankruptcy.  All for the kids, of course.


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“I will not be speaking about my transfer again.”

I got quite a few emails on the Justin Fields news yesterday. (I guess some of you were worried I might have missed it. 😉 )

It is what it is.  And mainly what it is now is old news.  However, if you’re one of those Dawgs who really needs to chew on an old bone, I would direct you to the best summary of the situation I’ve read, in the Toledo Blade.  There, you will find one tidbit of interest:

Georgia filed a written response Jan. 24 with the NCAA, objecting to Fields and Ohio State’s waiver request before acquiescing, paving the way for a cordial resolution.

Personally, I’m surprised McGarity had even that much backbone.  In any event, once Georgia consented, it was all over, pursuant to the NCAA rule.

Fields sought immediate eligibility citing the NCAA’s egregious behavior bylaw, the same rule Patterson used to play in 2018 at Michigan. It states a waiver will be granted “in cases where the student-athlete was a victim of objective, documented egregious behavior by a staff member or student at the previous institution and the previous institution supports the waiver.”

Look, Mars gamed the system for a kid who didn’t want to sit behind Jake Fromm for another season.  That’s all this amounts to.  Fields says he has no hard feelings, and why should he?  Neither should we, except when it comes to Sharpton’s shameless race pimping, but that’s for another post.

That’s why I think those who see this affair as a game changer are jumping the gun.  The potential game changer is Tate Martell’s appeal.  Watch that one carefully.


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