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Bothered/Not Bothered

Gus is conflicted.

In other words, he’s bothered enough to deny he’s bothered.  Cool.

And to think some of you were convinced today wouldn’t be entertaining.


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Boom blinded me with science.

My favorite coaching take of the day:


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Denial is a river that runs through Atlanta.

This may very well be the most pathetic thing I’ve read today… and don’t forget I’ve already seen that Auburn blog post about Pickens.

Can I get a “bless your heart” from the congregation?


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Kirby, and the further adventures of always be ‘crootin’

Talk about killing your two birds with one stone:

HOW IT HELPS GEORGIA: Wow. How do you think Kirby Smart looks and feels right now? Probably has a half smile on his face. Georgia lost Jadon Haselwood late to Oklahoma and they went all in for Pickens, and it paid off. It was a debate on who the better receiver was, but either way, the Bulldogs have pulled off a huge surprise and landed one of the top playmakers in the country.

As player, not many are better this cycle. Pickens is the king of jump-balls, he plays the game hard, he is a tough match-up one-on-one and he is one who can make an immediate impact. What is scary about Pickens is that he still has plenty of room to grow. He is a lean 195 pounds and will easily add another 20 pounds or muscle to his frame. He has the ability to stretch the field and he gives quarterbacks a big window to throw to.

HOW IT HURTS AUBURN: Pickens was the first 2019 prospect to commit to Auburn. He stayed with them until the morning of National Signing Day, so this one really stings on the Plains. Auburn had to work overtime and grind it out to keep him committed, only to lose him to a rival late. Pickens committed early, but was he ever solid? He did not make it easy for the Auburn staff, but they stayed with it and deserve a lot of credit here for staying with him. There is no doubt this one really hurts at Auburn.

Hate it for them, I really do.  (Okay, not so much.)


UPDATE:  This is rich.  (In more ways that one.)


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Never really liked you guys anyway.

Oh, hey, Justin.  How’s it going at Ohi…


I don’t know if “more player-friendly environment” is a crack about the coaches or Sasser, but I’m beginning to think Fields must have been a real ray of sunshine in the locker room last season.


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Persona non grata, still.

Makes you wonder why they went through the process in the first place.


UPDATE:  Never mind.

Jesus.  “He may not have acted in the proper protocol”?  Talk about tone deaf.


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Your 2.6.19 Playpen


(Aiken County Sheriff’s Office/Getty Images)

I had a totally different subject in mind to kick off today’s Playpen, but this absolutely bonkers piece on James Brown changed my mind.

It’s lengthy (three parts) and batshit insane.  A sample:

Mr. Brown, you don’t want to do this, she said.

He did not turn around. She kept pleading. Finally he put a hand on the shotgun and said if she didn’t take her clothes off, he would come back there and help her.

Now he did turn toward her, as did the gun. His face was still twitching. She began taking off her clothes. A rhinestone headband that she wore every day. The red bandanna from around her throat. Her white boots with gold tips. A long denim skirt that a friend’s mother had given her.

Brown came to the back of the van, smelling of Brut aftershave. He grabbed her by the hair.

It lasted for hours. The pain was excruciating. He talked about being a stallion, about the way God was blessing her. She pleaded and pleaded, then gave up. He slammed her head against the wall of the van and tore an earring from her ear. He said if she told anyone, her family would be killed.

She couldn’t breathe. Her heart raced. He wanted to finish, but couldn’t, and so he kept going. She had never felt such pain. She felt as if she were floating away, looking down at herself from above. She asked God not to let her mother find her naked and dead in the woods.

She told him her family would be looking for her. Her husband would come looking. This seemed to affect Brown. He left the van for a while. The back door was partly open, possibly damaged when he’d smashed a tree. She could see fog, and lights from the highway. The lights illuminated a barbed wire fence.

Brown returned and started the van. He drove back to the road. Cold wind sliced in from the broken door. Jacque saw more lights, and a bridge. She put on her clothes.

Back at the office, Jacque got out of the van, carrying her boots. Brown sat in the driver’s seat and said nothing. She was bleeding, and her head hurt, and she couldn’t think straight, although she knew she would have to find her in-laws’ house in the dark. She started her Cadillac and got on the highway. Then she saw the black van again. Brown was trying to run her off the road. She drove faster, but he stayed beside her, and finally she pulled onto the shoulder. He got out, yelling at her, banging on the window.

What do you want, she asked through the glass.

You forgot to tell me you love me, he said.

That’s just a taste.  Really, I’ve got nothing else today.  Read it all, and if you’ve got anything left afterwards, well, you know where to go to share.


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