Persona non grata, still.

Makes you wonder why they went through the process in the first place.


UPDATE:  Never mind.

Jesus.  “He may not have acted in the proper protocol”?  Talk about tone deaf.


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10 responses to “Persona non grata, still.

  1. Derek

    Someone important no likey….


  2. CPark58

    Auburn just lost their prized WR recruit to the good guys. The natives will be getting restless on the plains.

    If Hugh Freeze doesn’t hurry, Art Briles might sneak up and snag his birthright. Especially when he offers to work for free until Gus is paid off.


  3. Walt

    The USM coach sounds like a religious nut job.


  4. Powers that be have spoken coach……interview and hire anyone we approve of, ….just not this one!


  5. Ben

    Football coaches invoking the name of Jesus is something that I don’t like at all, and doing it to exonverate the likes of Briles and Freeze is even worse.

    If Jesus loved football coaches as much as some them love him, we’d still have Mark Richt on our sideline.


  6. Go Dawgs!

    Southern Miss finished 6-5 this season, so I’m not sure why the head coach thinks it’s a great idea to go public with a statement publicly clashing with the university’s president about anything at all, much less going to die on the hill of trying to hire a radioactive assistant coach who at best presided over a program during an attempted cover-up of pervasive physical and sexual abuse of women.

    Let’s see how long the coach lasts while losing football games and thumbing his nose at his boss.


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