Bothered/Not Bothered

Gus is conflicted.

In other words, he’s bothered enough to deny he’s bothered.  Cool.

And to think some of you were convinced today wouldn’t be entertaining.



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13 responses to “Bothered/Not Bothered

  1. jollyrogerjay

    Tons, and I mean Tons of talent…However, Pickens will be a problem child for the Georgia Bulldogs.


  2. Anything that bothers Gus is a welcome bit of news.


  3. UGA '97

    “…..the good thing is…” huh? sorry gus shoulda just shut up before that.


  4. A lot of young big-time receivers will always cause other receivers to get off the bus….the thing is gus, whose throwin’ the pigskin to those big timers!


  5. NCDawg

    Interesting news of note is Aubarn’s DT take on this decision…… Think there is honor among thieves ?
    Me thinks that the locker room drama UGA progressed through in18’ does not continue through 19’.
    Hope Kirb’s has his visor on tight cause the winds might blow on this one.
    Did anyone notice that high wind warnings were out again in Mississippi…… it’s kind of like going to a palm reader, you may not believe what the Lady tells you in the session nor what it costs; It’s a fact somebody got a cell phone pic of your car in the parking lot…… Go Dawgs !


  6. Gus just being Gus… Auburn did a nice job of getting a solid QB and two really good backs…. But… Their O-Line was their weak link last year and they did little or nothing to improve it. Add to it… They lost their starting d-line.. Freshmen QB… O-Line that couldn’t protect a smart veteran QB and relying on 2 freshmen backs to open up the offense… Good luck with that… Massive losses on the Defensive Side of the ball… I think Auburn is in for a long year…

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