Shut up, heart.

You know what my biggest fear is today?  It’s not that the Dawgs get blown out this afternoon (not saying that’s not within the realm of possibility, just that I don’t worry it’s likely).

Nah, it’s that the Georgia we want to see shows up today for three quarters, takes a 10-point lead into the last fifteen minutes, only to do its patented fourth quarter disappearing act and gets beat on a late Burrow touchdown pass, say, 31-27.

This would be a really good time for Kirby to up his late game management approach.


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  1. If Oklahoma were to lose today, an outcome like this may keep the Dawgs in the 4th spot. Doubtful, but a guy can hope.

    Dawgs, go out and remove all doubt … win one you aren’t expected to win.


  2. TXBaller

    Leave the bad karma at the door….getting on plane in the D and headed to ATL. Dawgs 34-24.


  3. George Jones

    Seeing Smart did that twice in a row against Alabama I think that is very feasible. I’m not sure I have ever seen a coach freeze as hard with a lead as Kirby does and if it happens again today they will lose. Georgia’s best chance to win this game is to be behind going into the 4th quarter because it will force them to stay aggressive.


  4. Huntindawg

    You can’t sleep either or do you typically get up before dawn on Saturday?


  5. Bill Glennon

    Fear not. I scoured the internet, and actually found one non-homer site that picks us to win straight up. Hey, they even picked last night’s game right.

    What is most encouraging is the confidence and empiricism of the reasoning for a GA victory.


    • Greg

      This “homer thinks so also. 70/30% home crowd advantage, ’11 since LSU has last been to Atlanta, ‘O never been there as a HC – Smart has. LSU players reading how great they are, dawgs are reading how they don’t have a chance.

      Dawgs are pissed & disrespected….motivated. Their backs are against the wall – they have to win, LSU does not….

      Been saying for over a week now, that this game reminds me somewhat of the Oklahoma game in “17 with Mayfield……we are just have a better defense than then, probably a better team also.

      Dawgs – 28, Bayou Tigers – 23


  6. Salty Dawg

    I feel your pain, Senator. I’m right there with ya.


  7. Another Will



  8. I’m not going to drive over until noon. I’m going by myself so I hope I’m in Dawg country in the stadium. I got so sick after the Rose Bowl that I had to sell my natty tix so this has been a long time comin. GO DAWGS!

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  9. Athens Dog.

    First one I’ve ever missed due to knee surgery suffered in Jax. Will be watching here in Five Points with friends. I’m actually feeling pretty confident. But Senator I hear you………..


  10. dawgtired

    What is the definition of insanity again? Let’s hope the staff has learned the lesson about playing ‘no-to-loose’.
    Dawg list…
    A healthy Swift
    No turnovers
    No 3 and outs
    Win the battle in the trenches every play
    More Toss sweeps
    WRs get separation
    Utilize TEs if WRs struggle
    Utilize RBs out of backfield if TEs and WRs struggle
    Spread the field more
    Get to Burrow every chance
    Get a lead…keep the foot on the gas
    Man-ball for the win…Go Dawgs!


  11. ApalachDawg

    I’d love to see a controlled but angry George Pickens in the 2nd half go off and ice the game 31-21!

    I’d love to see Mr Wolf or Mr Woerner catch some seam passes for about fo-tee of some wicked play action passes!

    I just want our Dawgs to win!

    Go Dawgs!


  12. stsbms

    I’ve seen that movie before….twice at the same location.


  13. Charlottedawg

    I have nothing to base this on except a purely gut feeling that the Dawgs are gonna come out swinging, especially the much maligned offense. I hadn’t thought about their ability to sustain that for 4 quarters until you brought it up…….


  14. illinidawg

    If we kill more Russians, we win. If they kill more Frenchmen, they win.


  15. 92 Grad

    Welp, here we are at the end of the season. I am very excited to see this game today and am not nearly as anxious as I had been during the season. Dawgs could win, LSU probably wins, either way doesnt bother me all that much. Just hoping for an entertaining game.


  16. If that happens again, Dawgnation will go to a very dark place today.

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  17. Themes from this season that are not likely to change…Fromm hits under 50 percent, the rushing game gets stuffed for a lower number than the opponent usually surrenders, they attempt at least 3 field goals, and score 1 or 2 TD’s. I think there is a good possibility to defense shocks LSU for quarters and then gives up two touchdowns in the fourth.


  18. Jeff Sanchez

    I’m still having a tough time reconciling how everyone is just seemingly OK that LSU has “passed” us this year and is the better program. How has this happened? They were good the last couple years, but we should be better based on our 2017 breakthrough and our recruiting.

    What went down? How is it always the case that even when we’re very good, there’s always a team a half step ahead of us? It’s damned frustrating.

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    • J.M.

      They went out and hired a brilliant offensive mind in Joe Brady who has led a truly remarkable transformation of their offense. It’s beating a dead horse, but if there’s one area where UGA is lagging behind at the moment, it’s offensive innovation.

      Having said that, I reject the notion LSU has surpassed us a program. Brady may leave along with Burrow after this season. Their best shot at winning a national title is right now, while UGA figures to peak in ‘20 or ‘21.


      • Jeff Sanchez

        OMG, not the “Next Year!!!” thing again. That’s the UGA way. Last year it was “19 is the year!!” it’s always coming up and never here.

        We have a three-year starting qb, 5 stars all over the OL, a first round rb, and probably the most stout D in the country. There’s NO REASON this shouldn’t be “the year”.

        But here we are at #4 with a loss to a 24 point underdog at home, somehow hoping for a miracle win against LSU in a veriable home game.

        Not attacking you J.M. , just really tired of this narrative.

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        • illinidawg

          So do something else because I’m tired of your narrative.


        • J.M.

          I understand where you’re coming from. Honestly, 2017 was our year. We were screwed out of a national title due to horrendous officiating. And that’s not just me as a butthurt Georgia fan saying that — a lot of neutral observers agree.

          I realize because we don’t have the crystal trophy from that season, the narrative that it’s never our year continues to live on. I’ve even indulged in that narrative during some of my darker moments. But Kirby has shown me has what it takes to build a national champion at UGA, and I’m confident we’ll get back to that level again. Hell, even with a first-year and possibly incompetent offensive coordinator, we could still do it THIS year.


    • 92 Grad

      Yeah, I know where you’re coming from and completely agree. If I think about it too much I get pretty angry, so I just dont, but I dont buy season tickets. All you folks that donate have a really tough situation and a legitimate beef.

      I wonder if McGoofy has enough of a spine to hold Kirby accountable? We should be seeing a well oiled offense right now.


    • dawgtired

      LSU is on a nice run with a good QB and clicking O, but we haven’t lost this game yet. And we’ve only lost one more than they this year.
      There will be years when teams are able to gel better than others. After Burrow is gone, we may look a half step better than them.
      I’m not ready to say their program has passed us…just yet.

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    • Nothing against Coach O but his buggy will turn back into a pumpkin after Burrow is gone. He may ride this wave and do pretty well for a time but this season is his high water mark.


    • FlyingPeakDawg

      For years we have had groups of really good college players, and Kirby has increases the number and quality. But someone always seems to have that Heisman caliber QB…the difference maker. We beat one…Mayfield…only to run into the duo of Hurts and Tua. TWICE!!

      It’s very likely we let one go in Fields, believing more in our system and group of talent over the One. Maybe Jake was supposed to be That Guy, but he’s not…yet.

      If that turns out to be the formula…and the 3 teams currently ahead of us in the rankings certainly seem to have adopted it, Kirby may need to rethink his recruiting strategies. I’m not claiming Kirby is passing on trying to get a true superstar at QB, and you can never know who that will be, but he would have to rethink the “game manager” role for the QB position at RBU.


      • Classic City Canine

        Kirby needs to shed his desire for a game manager at QB and get a big-time playmaker; somebody who can carry the team in big moments. Jake ain’t that guy (yet).


  19. DaveinAZ

    I smell corn chips! Dawgs win today!!


  20. I really see us hanging with LSU today for a good portion of the day. I think it will be a fourth quarter game.

    I also think it will be higher scoring than most are expecting. Maybe in the 37-34 neighborhood.

    I think it’ll be a classic. Buckle up.


  21. Sanford222view

    The thing I want to see most outside our tendencies is a significant increase in the use of play action passes. This is one change that is actually doable.


  22. CB

    You’re thinking too small Senator. We’re going to win today no problem. The Burrow game winning TD pass in NOLA next month.

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  23. Tony Barnfart

    Have faith my people ! ! ! THIS IS THE YEAR ! LSU is softer than baby shit and we’re gonna push their asses around. We finish the game on a soul crushing 8 minute drive taking a knee at their 3 yard line, while Kirby does the helicopter dick at the 50.


  24. Classic City Canine

    Yep. Another last-minute gut-wrencher is what I want to avoid at all costs both because of the emotional toll and because it wouldn’t be the kind of humbling loss that would force Kirby to rethink his offensive strategy.