“I know you’re disappointed…but I’m still here.”

They ought to put that header quote on Mark Emmert’s tombstone.

But here’s the main point:

The problem with this performative ritual is not that it unfairly maligns Emmert, who has done plenty to deserve the scorn, but that it confuses both the problem of college sports and the breadth of its culpability. Frankly, it misses an essential component of Emmert’s job and the NCAA’s function: to take the heat, so others don’t have to.

And it works.

He’s there, making $2 million plus a year, to be the useful idiot the schools need him to be and he does his job well.


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12 responses to ““I know you’re disappointed…but I’m still here.”

  1. No need for a tombstone…just prop his dead ass up in the corner to be used as a sock puppet down the road….


  2. Derek

    Goodell gets 16 times that to perform the same function for fewer interested parties.


    • And he doesn’t have to bullshit about amateurism…


      • DawgByte

        I love the warped mentality of Social Justice Warriors. They believe if one repeats the same message ad nauseam it magical turns to fact. College sports has always been and continues to be the definition of amateurism. You saying the contrary means nothing.


        • College sports has always been and continues to be the definition of amateurism.

          LOL. That must be why the NCAA keeps changing the definition. A few years ago, paying a COA stipend would have violated the amateurism protocol. Soon, they’ll change the rule on NIL payments. It’s conveniently fluid, contrary to what you say.


        • ATL Dawg

          Thanks for checking in Dabo.


  3. DawgByte

    Blutarsky – You should apply for the job.


  4. ATL Dawg

    Yep. Emmert and his staff at the NCAA offices are the bogeyman the schools use to absorb criticism.


  5. Morris Day

    The headline to this post is very misleading. I was expecting to read about James Coley.