Battle of diminishing returns

Jake Fromm isn’t the only quarterback starting in the Sugar Bowl whose second half of the season has been in a decline of sorts.

Charlie Brewer is expected to return to action for Baylor, which could be a good or bad thing, depending on which Brewer shows up. After averaging at least 9.5 yards an attempt in six of Baylor’s first eight games, Brewer topped 7.0 only once over the final five games.

Brewer’s passer rating declined from 171.41 in October to 128.61 in November.  He’s coming off concussion protocol from a hit he took in the Big 12 Championship game.

Tonight’s passing game matchup could be epic.  And not in a particularly good way.


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4 responses to “Battle of diminishing returns

  1. FlyingPeakDawg

    If our D chooses to show up, and I have to believe they will, Mr. Brewer is likely going to wish he sat this one out before it’s over.


  2. Does anyone think our passing game from the South Carolina game on would have been solid if Lawrence Cager stays healthy?

    Every team needs a go-to guy that is going to force teams to account for him on every snap. Pickens is going to become that guy, but Cager was as close as we had in 2019.


    • Macallanlover

      The loss of Holloman in the summer turned out to be, perhaps, the biggest loss of 2019 for UGA. Combined with Cager’s injury, and the departure of Hardman/Nauta/Ridley in January, we may have lost the playoff spot before the season began.


  3. TN Dawg

    It was probably Brewers receivers, receivers coach or OC.

    I never actually watched Baylor play this year, but if reading this blog has taught me anything, it’s taught me it’s never the quarterback’s fault.