Cashing out

Holy crap, talk about your meteoric rise

It would be inaccurate to say Brady is now in an unprecedented situation. Other young hotshot assistants in college and in the NFL also rocketed to stardom in rapid fashion. For instance, Oklahoma’s Lincoln Riley became the youngest head coach in the FBS when he took over for Bob Stoops at age 33. Also in 2017, Sean McVay became the youngest head coach in the modern era of NFL football, accepting the position with the Los Angeles Rams just 11 days shy of his 31st birthday.

But Brady is suddenly one of the hottest names in coaching despite his lack of virtually any on-field coaching experience. Before joining the LSU staff, he spent two years as an offensive analyst with the Saints, two years as a graduate assistant under Joe Moorhead at Penn State and two years coaching linebackers at his alma mater, William & Mary. That’s it.

Apparently, that’s enough.

Joe Brady agreed to become the offensive coordinator of the Carolina Panthers less than 24 hours after helping LSU win the national title.

A source told ESPN’s Adam Schefter that the 30-year-old Brady, after one year as LSU’s passing coordinator, will return to the NFL and become the league’s youngest active offensive coordinator.

No doubt he’s in line for a substantial raise.  That, plus not having to kiss some teenager’s ass on the recruiting trail?  He’d be crazy not to grab that.  Too bad if you’re an LSU fan, though.

What a country, eh?


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28 responses to “Cashing out

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Cashing out or cashing in? 😉

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  2. ASEF

    Cam helped get Rivera fired, and Jalen helped make Rhule the guy who replaced him. Rhule hires Brady.

    Just another Alabama conspiracy to keep LSU down, Pawwwwwl


  3. Bright Idea

    Keeping yourself in demand is the key. He should thank Joe Burrow.


  4. jt10mc (the other one)

    Good for him…now comes the hard part.

    EVERY defense he faces have faced offenses that have NFL QBs, RBs and WRs.

    It’s the NFL. He won’t be able to out athlete the defenses he will face.

    I guess he will know that…but may have forgotten.

    Best of luck to him.


  5. Derek

    How much would carolina have to spend to get the first pick?

    It might be worth it.

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  6. DawgPhan

    He is also white. So that helps.


    • spur21

      WTF does that mean – really.


      • Macallanlover

        Sure he meant it for the player’s pen and not this post. But if I were a Panthers’ fan I would question Rhule about this hire, very questionable decision. I am a big fan, and early adopter, of what Brady brought to LSU’s offense this past year, but Rhule may be guilty of the same shallow thinking that Kirby used last winter by taking the easy way for the OC hire.

        Is Brady really the “best available” when measured against all (regardless of skin color) candidates, or even close? He may be wildly successful, and make me order a huge helping of crow in a few years, but this looks like a very risky hire from the resume perspective. I have no problem with the age factor, but how do you have the respect of both players and subordinate staff members? Rhule off to a slow start, imo, but many fans are applying the “guru” label to Brady based on one set of specific circumstances over one year only. I admit, I expected more from Rhule, who himself looked like a pretty good hire.


        • Jack Klompus

          I think Rhule and Tepper are making a big mistake here. Tepper is clearly pushing to bring in the young, hotshot names, which has worked some. However, I gotta think that Rhule being that he’s the young hotshot name would have been much better served to bring in an experienced OC to help him.


          • cltdawg

            Everyone up here is talking about Tepper making all his money by betting on the long shot, so he seems to be following that same pattern on the field. As a Falcons fan, I’m totally okay with that.


      • ASEF

        It means Lamar was pushed to play WR and give up QB entirely by the NFL, and Mahomes and Watson were taken behind very tall, very white reaaaaaaaaaches at the position.

        It’s the NFL and where 6 guys got drafted in the first round, so it’s not like it’s an earth shattering big deal… but it is equal parts hysterical and sad.


        • spur21

          Lame argument at best. The NFL is 70% AA and I don’t hear anyone claiming a bias. The NBA is closer to 75%.


          • ASEF

            Not arguing it. And the way the NFL evaluates QB talent is an entirely separate issue from the overall racial composition of its work force.

            I was explaining what it meant. Not that it’s necessarily true. Sample size of 6 and all that. Hardly a pressing issue.


          • Damn, 70% of the nfl go to aa…would have thought more weed and pill abuse than alcohol


  7. Gurkha Dawg

    Whatever he is getting paid he has earned it. If it were so easy to do what he did at LSU, why don’t more guys do it? A little bit of luck was involved, but so what? A little luck is always a part of great success.


  8. Mayor

    Look for LSU to fall back to earth next season.

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  9. Uglydawg

    I wonder if LSU signed any QB’s believing they would be coached by Brady. And while Brady is undoubtedly very good at building an offense, Joe Burrow is one in a thousand talents.

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    • ASEF

      People said the same about Baker. And then Kyler broke all of Baker’s records.

      But Brady is gone, and I doubt he left behind a vast reservoir of institutional knowledge to sustain the success. A year just isn’t enough time for that.


  10. Bulldog Joe

    Brady is younger than his quarterback Cam Newton.

    This should be interesting.

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  11. LSU fans to Brady right now, ‘Suck that Tiger dick, bitch!’


  12. CO Dawg

    Oh man, lose your once-in-generation QB, receivers galore, most likely your stud back, etc. And now your offense whisperer bounces. My guess is Ed O feels prepared for this type of exodus. The reality on paper is that LSU looks more like those once-a-decade world beater Auburn teams than a reloading powerhouse like Bama.

    Cheers to LSU for a dream season. We’ll see you back on planet earth this fall for sure though.

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  13. Argondawg

    I wonder how man kids signed on to play under Brady’s offense this past December and how many kids he promised he was going to be there?

    Did folks really think he was going to stay at LSU?