Matt Rhule, wrecker of worlds

This is a pretty impressive week of laying waste to Orgeron’s support staff.


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15 responses to “Matt Rhule, wrecker of worlds

  1. I wonder if 2020 for LSU will be like Chiziks post-natty year after Scam left.


  2. We’re going to find out now how good of a head coach Oeaux really is. He inherited Aranda from Miles (although he did convince him to stay). Brady is gone after a year. Burrow has finished his online degree. 6 underclassmen including Delpit (not unexpected) declares for the NFL draft.

    I would have to say Bama just became the West favorite for 2020 if they weren’t already.

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  3. Timphd

    Fun while it lasted, eh Tigers?


  4. Derek

    But Ed has “introspection.” He’ll be fine.


  5. JasonC

    Maybe it’s the Munson in me, but I am waiting for LSU to hire Lanning or someone away from Georgia that probably won’t be Coley.


  6. Salty Dawg

    Matt is an amateur compared to Jake Fromm. Because of Jake, Justin left and the chain reaction of QBs transferring was quite eye opening! Talk about wrecker of worlds!