I have come not to bury your Daily Gator.

The offseason marks a good time for Gator sport here at the blog.  There are plenty of reasons to mock Florida fans’ dreams of world domination in 2020, but one of those probably isn’t losses from the receiving corps, as this David Wunderlich post demonstrates.

I am curious to see what happens in 2020. There is a clear top three of returning wide receivers in Grimes, Toney, and Copeland, and Pitts easily could lead the team in targets and catches again. If Toney stays healthy, I want to see how much he does with routes and traditional receiver stuff in addition to taking screens and handoffs and using his elusiveness to try to break big gains. This will be his fourth year as a receiver, the second under a highly regarded developer in Billy Gonzales. If he has the full receiver toolset in him, we should start to see it this year.

After those four, it’s a complete crapshoot.

Yeah, they’ve got some holes to fill, but they’re not anywhere near the void Georgia was facing before the start of last season.  Just sayin’.


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  1. I assume Bill Connelley will throw some cold water in to mix with those salty Gator tears.


  2. practicaldawg

    I’m assuming they will stay pass-first no matter who their receivers are. I’m more curious if they can get any semblance of a run game in 2020 or if they just abandon the run completely. I suppose their OL cannot be worse at run blocking than last year, but they have a lot of unknowns at RB. Pierce returns, but after him the depth chart is loaded with question marks.


  3. dawgtired

    If the gators don’t stump their toe in that stretch from UT to LSU, we may be their only regular season loss.


  4. Biggus Rickus

    Grimes and Pitts are good. I’m not as high on Copeland, and Toney is the most overrated player I’ve ever seen. He has a handful of big plays over his career, and he’s talked about as if he’s just a healthy season away from turning into a lesser version of Percy Harvin.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    We can say the exact same thing about James Cook as was said about Toney. Funny thing about smaller, elusive players is they only seem elusive when you get them isolated out in space. If defenders are around they’ll have a loss or no gain. That’s why I’m not in favor of an approach that heavily depends on an undersized scat guy.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      Oh, but it’s fine for fu. And that fu WR bench looks real thin – another reflection of their lousy recruiting.


  6. Will (the other one)

    We’ve been hearing how Mullen and company are the best at developing talent, so that bit about Toney “This will be his fourth year as a receiver, the second under a highly regarded developer in Billy Gonzales. If he has the full receiver toolset in him, we should start to see it this year.” is hilarious to me. After four years they might “start to see” him as a complete WR.

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  7. siskey

    Trask is going to throw a lot of interceptions this year.


    • Mike Cooley

      I think Trask will regress. Or put another way, he will show his true colors. I’ve got nothing bad to say about the kid other than he’s a gator. He’s not an idiot like Franks and seems like a nice kid who plays hard and is just grateful for the opportunity. The problem for Florida is he’s a nice kid who just plays hard and is grateful for the opportunity. There ain’t much there. And Florida’s defense is going to stink this year. There will be more pressure on Trask and like I said, there ain’t much there to begin with.

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  8. Russ

    Trask and their receivers will be better. I guess they are even at RB with that transfer vs Perine? Not sure about their OL. Overall, they will still have to score against our defense and I’m not sure they will be able to do much there.


  9. duronimo

    Our defense can handle anybody they throw at us. Let the swamp folk enjoy a few months of ignorant bliss before the big reveal.