If Georgia had never faced man-to-man coverage last season…

… Jake Fromm would have been invited to attend the Heisman ceremony.  Discuss.


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7 responses to “If Georgia had never faced man-to-man coverage last season…

  1. The Tick

    I can see Jake as a Nawlins Saint in 2021 … playing all the home games in Baton Rouge cause the Superdome still be a covid hospital.


  2. Ozam

    Jake is a DGD and a really good college QB. I hope he does really well in the league. Imho, his success will be determined by whether his intellectual abilities overcome an average arm and limited mobility. It seems unlikely he becomes a star, but he can find a role.


  3. Bulldog Joe

    Happy for Jake and to see this year’s NFL Draft taking place on schedule with appropriate precautions.

    Beating one-on-one coverage is the largest concern I have about Georgia’s team performance if they have to prepare for a season on a shortened timeline. Aside from Pickens and the departed Cager, it was the most obvious shortcoming this team had last season. Only way this gets solved is with physical reps and timing drills.


  4. J-Dawg

    I can see Jake as “Brady 2.0”

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    • spur21

      Or Brees


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      I think he is going to be picked by New England. He is what Bellichik wants, and while I am not saying it happened as a design, but maybe Jake had a sub par combine so that he’d be available when the Pats pick comes around. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s New England, y’know? They didn’t just toss Brady aside without an insurance policy.


  5. Classic City Canine

    Jake may have the mental skills for the NFL (I’m not convinced that he’s all that mentally but the experts say that he is), but the physical tools aren’t there. I’d be pissed if my team drafted him because he’s an NFL clipboard holder at best. Been saying that since 2017.