Flunked out of RBU

This is some list you got, Mickey.

At first glance, I thought it was an April Fools joke… but, nah.


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  1. Greg

    Yep, they hate us…….can’t believe they even left off Earl Campbell at UT, the REAL UT.


  2. That list made me want to throw up when I saw it this morning. As mentioned the 2014 running back room was better than any of those lists.


  3. Derek

    Especially Stupid People’s Network

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  4. Add Knowshon Moreno. Add D’Andre Swift. In the BCS and playoff area the following UGA RBS were drafted by NFL teams, as well
    1. Olandis Gary
    2. Patrick Pass
    3.Veron Haynes
    4. Musa Smith
    5. Thomas Brown and
    6. Keith Marshall
    That is 9 UGA RBS total that NFL scounts and ADs thought good enough to be drafted.

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  5. Nate Dawg

    I mean maybe I’m wrong but didn’t Greene pass Manning for wins in SEC, Stafford #1 overall pick, how many records did Murray accumulate (?) and wasn’t Fromm robbed of a natty as a freshman..?
    So…shouldn’t we be on both list..?


    • Greene was the winningest QB in NCAA history until that doofus program Boise State got the record. Murray held 3 #1 SEC records, not sure where it is now.


  6. Macallanlover

    If there was ever any doubt the nerds at the WWL don’t get CFB because they only watched “their” NFL team growing up, this list (plus picking Jim Brown as the best rushing RB in CFB history—he never gained 1000 yards in any season) should make you disregard their CFB articles/comments. And you wonder why I watch zero, nada, of their content except live CFB and opening rounds of golf majors. That’s it, I may not have a TV on their channel all year in 2020.


    • Greg

      Only thing that I can remember them ever getting right, was when Fowler referred to the Tennessee fans as “trailer-trash”.

      If my memory serves me correct, this was when ESPN was promoting Charles Woodson in the Heisman. The fans took offense and took it out on them…..Fowler responded with his trailer-trash comment, it was beautiful.

      I believe ESPN refused to televise any more games for a few years in Knoxville, not a good look for either.

      But I was loving it!


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      Generally agree, and will say that the only reason that I watch live CFB on ESPN is that they own about 90% of it. I have no fucking choice. Their crews are mostly pitiful, too. I like Blackledge and Maria, and can tolerate a few others, but the mute button gets worn out listening to most of the rest.

      I do look at the SEC Network for things of interest and really like Thinking Out Loud, for instance. But it is rare to find anything of value there.

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      • Herbstreit ruins everything. Unending non stop talk. Its NOT!!! radio, and even on radio they dont talk that much.


      • Macallanlover

        Same for me on why I watch so much CFB there, just no other option. I think Blackledge is the best CFB analyst, and Maria is great for so many reasons on merit alone, but I don’t watch Gameday any longer, unless UGA is involved in the location.

        I am really concerned about Mickey taking over for CBS, even though CBS deserved to lose the contract after taking advantage of a very bad contract for the SEC for years. ESPN piles high interest games on top of one another when spreading them would gain them better ratings for their advertisers. While you cannot always provide a separate time slot for all the interesting matchups, they don’t seem to realize, unlike so many NFL fans, CFB fans will watch games that doesn’t involve just the city they live in. At least with CBS, a pretty good SEC game would always be in one unique slot, don’t know if that is in ESPN’s contract or not. Also, between noon 3:30, 4, 5, 6, 7, 7:30, 8, 9, 10, and 10:30 there is a way to spread the better games. and allow some choices with less overlap.

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    • They’re the same people that will tell you Texaa is back every year

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  7. Faltering Memory

    Proves everybody wrong who says UGA underachieves. We have actually done more with less. “How ’bout that sports fans” (Mel Allen, UA grad),


  8. Russ

    Andrea Edelson did this list?


  9. Granthams replacement

    Kregg Lampkin and Danny Ware were on NFL rosters as well.


  10. I used to routinely write “ESPN sucks” posts. Then you hit a point where you realize their bs doesnt matter. I quit watching almost all ESPN long ago because of their junk, false narratives, always pushing their yankee schools and amping a Cinderella. They hire former players that stink, hired for looks and name appeal. List goes on.

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  11. Jack Klompus

    They’ve succeeded in their goal. Click bait and get people arguing.

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  12. The Dawg abides

    It says BCS to the CFP era, not through. But something’s not right. If you study the team lists, some include players from only the BCS era, and some include players from both eras. If they were being consistent in counting the BCS era, how the hell is Clemson not number one on the qb list with Watson, Lawrence, and Boyd? I mean, two titles and five straight playoff appearances? Not only is it a stupid list, it’s lazy and wildly inconsistent too.


  13. BuffaloSpringfield

    Makes you wonder what CBS was really thinking. Yes I’ll catch a golf tournament or two after the games over on DVR. Not much on tennis, NASCAR has flunked out. Maybe CBS will do soccer game of the week. I don’t see this as a wise decision on CBSs suits. Perhaps their thinking is let ESPN and Notre DameNBC crap in one hand and splat it on the other.
    I really hate it for the seniors and juniors that fore go cause as we creep toward the middle of April and many bubbles aren’t flattening it’s a sad view ahead. It is not pretty.
    I can truly say ESPN has not been on here and won’t be. When the season comes back, whenever that is CGD won’t be on and the announcer bring out the mute button in me.
    Thanks Senator for holding this group together. My only disappointment is that there’s not more you could throw out there daily. Guess you do have to keep that day job going.

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  14. Castleberry

    Did I miss something? Is Kellen Mond on a list of top QBs since the BCS era?