Summer time, and the attending is easy.


“Fluid” is something of an understatement.  We’ll see.


UPDATE:  ‘Bama ain’t lettin’ Georgia jump the gun, no sirree.


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  1. Gut feel says they’ll be back in session. K-12 if the individual district chooses to do so after Labor Day. Rumblings from High School AD’s is that they are pushing GHSA to open up practice for fall sports July 1.


  2. What else was President Morehead supposed to say? My high schooler’s school president is saying the exact same thing. They want students on campus for a lot of reasons. I’ve watched my 2 daughters take classes (college and HS) online for the last 6 weeks. The learning experience is not as rich as what they were getting in the classroom.

    I hope my kids have the option of attending classes live this fall whether football is played or not.

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  3. Union Jack

    I am concerned about opening up campuses like UGA, etc but I suppose that unless we backslide into another state of emergency, it is inevitable. As a parent of UGA student with an autoimmune disease, I wonder what concessions/arrangements will be made to keep students safe.

    As far as sports go … it all depends on the ability to test and produce a stockpile of tests for the public so diverting tests to sports participants doesn’t impact the general public. Does it make sense to do tests on HS student athletes just so they can participate? How about collegiate athletes?


    • If my UGA student were in a high risk group, I would probably lean toward online classes at UGA or elsewhere for the fall semester while things get sorted out. In the meantime, I hope your child can keep his/her studies going in the middle of all of this and remain healthy.


    • Tony Barnhart

      I’m mostly with you on tests (who could be anti-test) but at some point the “test” notion swallows itself on usefulness. What matters is hospital capacity, ventilators and PPE. i.e. if you get really sick, is there room and a doctor to take care of you ?

      I was in a constructive debate with a neighbor the other day who was complaining that “not enough are showing up to get tested at XYZ local spots…we need more to show up, because so many are asymptomatic and don’t know they have it…yatta yatta.”

      And yes, I get it. The asymptomatic 20 yr old kills grandma or somebody else with compromised immunities. But the test is a means to an end, not an end unto itself…….the “End” was SUPPOSED TO BE keeping people from dying because we didn’t have enough beds or equipment to take care of them should they get really sick. But I told my friend, the bigger question is “are people showing up to hospital with failing lungs, (not why aren’t all these people getting tested?)…. you don’t need a scarlet Covid19+ to know that you can’t breathe and need to get to a hospital. And the answer, basically everywhere but NYC, is a resounding “no”. In my county of over 1million, we’re using 1% of hospital bed capacity.


  4. Granthams replacement

    When I was at UGA there was a meningitis issue on campus. We were required to be vaccinated in a short period of time. I remember a long line outside the Tate center to get the shot. I suspect the university will test everyone that comes on campus before they can be on site. After that implement random testing as well as monitoring any suspected cases/exposure to others. The athletes will be tested weekly at a minimum. Once a vaccine/preventive is validated every one on campus will be administered the solution. As far as fans who knows. I suspect Kemp is going to lean to the side of a full stadium. If not $25 million or so goes back to ticket holders.


    • I remember the same with measles. There was an outbreak on campus, and we were encouraged to get a booster.


      • The Dawg abides

        Spring 1990. And we weren’t just encouraged, the school gave a deadline to get on record with a booster or you would be blocked from attending class and have your grades flagged. I waited in line for four hours at Tate.


        • Sweet D

          I transferred to UGA in fall of ‘90 and don’t recall having to do anything special or even hearing about it. I guess it had blown over by then.


        • That’s right … I had forgotten that.


        • Granthams replacement

          Your right, it was measles. Too many late nights downtown clouded my memory.


        • The other Doug

          I remember that 4 hour line! I signed something that said I couldn’t have shots for religious reasons and headed downtown.

          It’ll be interesting to see if current college students are more responsible than I was.


  5. Bulldog Joe

    Hope to see some risk mitigation in utilizing the short sessions to apply these practices, particularly in the programs requiring lab and hands-on work.


  6. Derek

    First, collect tuition.

    Second, make decisions.


  7. spur21

    I’m in the high risk group so I will exercise caution until either a viable treatment / vaccine is out. That being said we need to start moving forward not necessarily sports but life in general. Sports would be a bonus but not number one.

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    Sports, entertainment and travel are a HUGE part of the economy….time to test the waters, IMHO..


  9. Bulldog Joe

    UGA runs one of the largest university transit systems in the country and is second in the state behind MARTA in the number of passenger trips annually. Most of these trips are packed into a nine-month period, so it is a bigger problem to solve here than elsewhere.

    If in-person classes resume this August, UGA will need to consider more time between scheduled classes along with other precautions used in transit systems across the country. It will be interesting to see how they take this on.


  10. Doug

    UGA got Bama spooked! Livin’ rent-free in their heads! /s

    As for these administrators “expecting” to have fall classes in person on campus, all I can say is . . . man makes plans, God laughs.


  11. RangerRuss

    Go Dawgs!