SEC Power Poll, Week Two

The SEC West is a bad mother.  The SEC East, on the other hand…

  1. Alabama.  You could never call Mercer a trap game, but I have the feeling the Tide was looking ahead to this week’s game at Florida.
  2. Georgia.  The Dawgs’ defense has outscored its first two opposing offenses 14-3.
  3. Texas A&M.  Unimpressive, to say the least, against Colorado, and it’s not likely we’ll find out much about the Aggies this week against New Mexico State.
  4. Florida.  Playing Nick Saban’s team is the perfect time to settle a quarterback controversy.
  5. Ole Miss.  The defense has yet to suck as much as I expected, but there’s still time.
  6. Auburn.  If the Tigers go into Penn State and win, I will significantly revise my rating.
  7. Kentucky.  Ladies and gentlemen, your SEC East division leader.
  8. Arkansas.  The Pittboss gets his statement win.
  9. LSU.  The Tigers’ offense is a mess.
  10. Mississippi State.  A win over NC State may be as good as it gets.  Then again, they’ve got Memphis and LSU coming up next.
  11. Missouri.  This team continues to underwhelm.
  12. Tennessee.  I think my favorite part of the Vols’ loss was Pittsburgh running out the last five minutes of the game with an 8-play, 17-yard drive.  Real stuff of legends there.
  13. South Carolina.  Undefeated after two weeks, and all that gets you is being a 30-point road dog this week.
  14. Vanderbilt.  The ‘Dores got a last-minute win and play UConn in a couple of weeks.  That’s about it for them.


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18 responses to “SEC Power Poll, Week Two

  1. gotthepicture

    Question: What have TAMU & Florida shown you that Ole Miss hasn’t?
    And looking at competition so far, I might be tempted to put Kentucky ahead of Auburn, but like you said, we’ll learn a lot more about Auburn this week.

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    • Man, it’s only week two.

      But since you ask, TAMU has shown me it’ll be one of the best defensive teams in the SEC. I expected early struggles because Jimbo’s breaking in a new QB, but I haven’t seen anything yet to make me think Ole Miss is a lock to beat the Aggies. (It’s not like OM’s opponents have been any great shakes, either.)

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  2. akascuba

    Kentucky will not be an easy game for anyone. The Pit Boss has his hogs looking strong and ready to fight . If Auburn wins at State Saturday there is a mean streak of games suddenly clustered together.

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  3. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    It’s picking nits, but I’d rank Sakerlina ahead of of the Hillbillies, even after we get through with them. I honestly think the only chance the Hillibillies have of not going defeated in the SEC this year is the Vandy game. They’ll both be 0-7 against the SEC coming into that final game.


  4. practicaldawg

    EJ is averaging about 1 INT per quarter played against non-P5 competition. Since we know Mullen is the best coach in CFB and basically an all around genius, I can only conclude this is an elaborate head fake for Saban.


  5. Ran A

    I did not come away with a solid feeling about Kentucky or Missouri. Kentucky looked really good, but Missouri kept finding ways to keep it close. Makes me wonder about both defenses now. Missouri was already suspect.

    Tennessee’s defense is awful. And I do mean awful. There may be some record points given up in Neyland this year.

    Who knows about Auburn. They are really good at beating up weak teams. Let’s see where we go, now that pre-season is over with for them.


  6. ASEF

    If you were, say, a Virginia blogger rather than a Georgia blogger, would you have Georgia at 1?



  7. Spell Dawg

    The Gators QB controversy gets settled this weekend. Emory is going to suck so bad they’d take Felipe Franks back, and Richardson will go down with a multiple-game injury running for his life. Whoever is their 3rd stringer will be the guy going forward.

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  8. Dawg19

    It’s really going to suck cheering for Bama this week to throttle Florida. I’d be happier cheering for East Taliban State than Bama but it’s necessary pain.

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  9. SEC Shorts is at it again (Go Hogs):

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  10. TEXBaller

    My top 5 with comment:
    1) DAWGS — we brought in a Flutie’esqu 3rd stringer and lit up what has been a consensus top 10 defense the past three years. There is no limit for this team. Now get me JT back on the field damnit!
    2) Bama — there are some chinks in the armor. Another injury. A QB that waffled slightly (might Young be a little full of himself?). All that said, Don’t be a fool and think Fla has a chance v Bama. Emory Jones nor AR15 can hold Youngs jock strap. Bama gonna roll the SWAMP Saturday!
    3) Ole Miss —- On a four day turn, put up 54 on AP. Corral had five TD’s. Ole Miss played four QB’s ya’ll. Oct 2 v. Bama gonna be fun to watch.
    4) Arkansas —- was impressed with Hogs D. Strong running game (300+). QB v. a good defense will be suspect (TAMU in two weeks). Could be 3-2 final score.
    5) Kentucky —- let Mizzou back in the game late. Levis drove Cats down the field for score. Rodriguez was stout at RB (200+)! Balanced attack. KY can hurt you with the pass or run. Wan’Dale Robinson a BEAST!
    ***TAMU in trouble. HKing looked terrible before getting injured. Calzada is even worse! This a a solid defensive team. Defenders will now isolate the run game and force Jimbo to throw with HORRIBLE QB’s. 3 losses coming.


  11. bigjohnson1992

    Jeeez. SEC East bottom feeders round out 11-14. Not too good!


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