Scenes from a seal clubbing

Yeah, Saturday was a methodical blow out, but two plays in particular stood out to me.

First, Jalen Carter announced his presence with authority.

Vandy’s number 75 is still looking for the license plate number of the truck that shoved him aside.

Then, this pass, from delivery to reception, was astonishing.

JT saw the unblocked rusher, knew he had to get the pass off early and did so with enough air under it to allow McConkey to go up and get it.  Which he proceeded to do.

If there’s anyone left who doubts Daniels’ mastery of the playbook and position at this point, I’d like to hear why.



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29 responses to “Scenes from a seal clubbing

  1. sundiatagaines

    Totally agree. It feels like JT has developed a great pre-snap read on his options. More so than Stetson who defaults quickly to improvisation.

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  2. The only reason to doubt JT at this point, and not either of your criteria, would be his choice of pregame wardrobe.

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  3. RangerRuss

    Keeping Daniels healthy is priority #1 to ensure the season is as successful as we would all like.

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  4. mddawg

    Jalen Carter is no lollygagger.

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    • artistformerlyknownasbman

      There was another play where Jalen Carter looked like he played for the Mean Machine when he nearly took a running back’s head off with clothesline type takedown.

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  5. practicaldawg

    5 words that should terrify every offense left on the schedule: Jalen Carter isn’t a starter

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  6. Harold Miller

    I was watching from home, but it appeared to me that Vandy was afraid of Georgia. Next up a team that won’t be.

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  7. The way Carter laid the wood gives me a lot of hope that this defense has even more room to improve…we’re gonna need a good run stop this next Sat

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  8. siskey

    Davis, Walker and Carter going in the 1st round is going to open up the D Line pipeline here like we’ve never had. Carter may be the best of the bunch given that I think this is his 3rd year playing DL. Go Dawgs!

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  9. Russ

    That play by Carter made me laugh out loud when I saw it. He just threw the (fairly big) guy aside and then drilled the RB. I know he’s not displacing Jordan Davis this season (nor should he) but next season he will be even more impactful.

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  10. rigger92

    Senator, you should repeat that posted tweet from last week where Kirby was ribbing one of our guys for letting Ladd to that very same catch.


  11. Texas Dawg

    If I’m that Vandy player that got tossed aside, I’m requesting a new number for this weeks game so maybe people will forget how badly he was abused.
    Ladd McConkey is the perfect example of not every star starts out his college career as a 5 star recruit.

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  12. Terry McCullers

    What a great name McConky Tonk!,


  13. archiecreek

    I’m curious…
    What happened with the female kicker for the admiralty?


  14. “Whew…#99 just rotated out. Who is this #88?”

    Seriously, how does that 5’0” kid jump that high?

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  15. lincolndawg

    Each week it gets more and more difficult to temper my excitement about this team’s chances this year.

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