Structural integrity

Tell me you don’t know what college football is like without saying you don’t know what college football is like.

“Having only four teams in the C.F.P. is a broken system,” George Kliavkoff, the first-year Pac-12 commissioner, said in an interview this month at Ohio Stadium, hours before Oregon upset Ohio State, which played in last season’s national title game after it won the Big Ten championship.

“Just the way it’s set up, it’s designed — and I don’t think it was on purpose or malignant — but it was designed for the rich to get richer,” added Kliavkoff, whose reservations about the expansion proposal that became public in June helped slow its approval. “If you got invited to the C.F.P. in one of the first few years, it makes it easier to recruit, which makes it easier to get back to the C.F.P., which makes it easier to recruit, and it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

Actually, I exaggerate.  Kliavkoff knows better, but he’s got to say something to justify running out the playoff field to twelve.  He’s not expecting that to turn the G5 champ into Alabama’s equal, but he doesn’t care, because it’s really about the moolah his conference has been missing out on without a team in the playoff field.

As the old joke goes, we know what he is.  He’s just haggling over the fee.



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  1. This guy is an idiot. If he wants playoff expansion, he got it in what appears to be a fairly balanced proposal (I didn’t think it was necessary). After Kevin Warren and the B1G threw their temper tantrum over SEC expansion, the alliance that he’s a part of stopped the process. That makes no sense whatsoever.


  2. akascuba

    It’s always about money. The current thinking of non SEC voters is let the ESPN deal run out and open the 12 team playoff to all bidders. Change the current contract your forced to negotiate it with only ESPN. Who will blink first in the billion dollar poker game.


    • originaluglydawg

      A twelve team system is ridiculously stupid.
      Wouldn’t it require the gifting of a BYE for one team after the second round? A BYE that late in the season and playoffs is priceless. And it is a built in reason/excuse for claiming that the playoff wasn’t fair and even. Giving one team a week off to rest, scheme, practice, scout, etc. while the opposing team has none of that will cause immediate whining and complaining that the system is rigged…and they will be legitimate complaints. It will cause more controversy (and it should). Maybe that’s what they want. Then they could go to 16, which makes more sense but still sucks.
      And what if some of the kids on the 12th (or 16th) team don’t want any part of the charade? (as in “I’m not going out there and have Jordan Davis break my back just to make ESPN a few bucks). Some are already sitting out meaningless bowl games. It will a matter of personal opinion if it is a meaningless bowl game when say, North Carolina or Iowa State are expected to play Alabama.

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      • PTC DAWG

        Top 4 seeds would get a bye, the other 8 would play, presumably at the higher seeded teams home stadium. Then feed into BOWLS. Or another round at the home stadium of the top 4 seeds…the tourney bracket isn’t complicated, the location of the games may be.


        • originaluglydawg

          anybody getting a bye when others don’t isn’t going to be seen as fair, because it simply isn’t fair.
          Two is just right. Four will work, eight will work but would suck, sixteen would be crazy.
          But 12? Why 12? That’s just complicating it and giving top teams an advantage.
          Anyway, it’s $$$ that is doing the strongest bidding here and we’re just the schmucks that are going to have to live with it. Like noon starts.


  3. 81Dog

    All George forgot to do is call his plan Build The Playoff Back Better. It isn’t fair that the good teams keep getting rewarded for their hard work and prioritizing of their football efforts. The dog ass losers in the Pac 12 deserve to be told they’re pretty, too. But, George is doing it for the chirren. Noble.

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  4. rigger92

    “But it was designed for the rich to get richer”. LOL. The official version is “but it was designed for espn to get richer”.

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  5. originaluglydawg

    What they are crying for is an NCAA CFB Tournament.
    It’s a stupid idea by silly people that don’t understand CFB.

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  6. Texas Dawg

    So putting a G5 team in the playoffs every year just to have a G5 team in the playoffs is going to help recruiting? Does getting baby seal clubbed on national TV help recruiting just because you were in the game? How did that Sugar Bowl beating that Hawaii took from the DAWGS help recruiting? Yes, once in a blue moon a G5 team will show out, but does that change your mind as a recruit? I doubt Boise State is every going to be able to recruit at the level of UGA, Bama, OSU etc etc. You have NFL ambitions, you go where your chances are the greatest. If it was just being in the P5 and having an opportunity because of that, then Vandy and Kansas would be heading to the playoffs once in a while. We see how that has turned out. The way it is now, UCF can capitalize on the “we could have been a contender” narrative (thanks a lot Auburn) without having to prove it.


    • dawg100

      You are right about the quality of the G5 rep ultimately, but they still gave up one spot and put the G5 team in as a concession to avoid a billion dollar + anti-trust suit.


  7. chopdawg

    He ain’t wrong about this:

    “If you got invited to the C.F.P. in one of the first few years, it makes it easier to recruit, which makes it easier to get back to the C.F.P., which makes it easier to recruit, and it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

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    • rugbydawg79

      There is merit in when it went from 2 to 4, if you are in the group of 4 you are in the conversation. Which certainly helps recruiting with extra publicity.
      Anyway this ship has already sailed.


  8. Sweet D

    So we should torpedo the 12 team plan Sankey has a hand in and replace it with a 12 team plan Mr. K came up with? Ok.


  9. originaluglydawg

    I loathe the money grubbing Mickey.
    They would have us playing at 4 am and paying to watch it on TV if it meant more money for them.
    Do they own CF?? Seems like it.

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