Apparently, you can go home again.

At least you can, if Greg McGarity moves out of the joint first.

Mike Bobo‘s third stint at Georgia as a coach has officially begun. Dawgs247 has confirmed that Bobo at UGA’s football facility as of Friday and has started working for the program as an offensive analyst.

Kirby Smart has explained the “analyst” role in Georgia’s off-field staff as one used to coach the coaches. Bobo will be charged with self-scouting and breaking down future opponents among a myriad of other duties.

I hope he gets to look Monken in the face and tell him to run the damned ball.


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  1. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    So I guess this means Monken won’t be moving to WRs. Should we expect the McClendon announcement next?

    I like having Bobo back in the building, just as long as he’s not calling plays. Would’ve loved to see him coaching QBs, but I can understand if either he or Kirby or both didn’t want that for a myriad of reasons.

    With Boom and Bobo back in Athens, Kirby is partying like it’s 1995. Maybe McClendon shouldn’t be the choice for WRs? If Hines Ward’s weird HC interview with the Texans doesn’t bear fruit (and no reason to think it will), bring him back instead! I mean, there’s nothing Kirby loves more than WRs who block, right? 😉

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  2. Putting the band back together

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  3. whb209

    I am pleased with Bobo being back, as long as Monken is pleased with Bobo
    being back.

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  4. miltondawg

    I have no reason to think that Bobo won’t be a useful addition based on the duties that Kirby outlines in the quote. I also have to believe this is, to some extent, insurance for a Monken exit to the NFL.

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  5. Granthams Replacement

    Bobo will work out well as an analyst. His scripted first drives were very good. He will provide good insight into how to attack a defense as well as helping with QB film breakdown.

    If Monken leaves I’ll pray Bobo is not even considered for the OC job. I’ve seen enough “balance”,155 lb running back off right guard and 1st and goals that don’t get 1st round draft picks the ball.

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  6. Russ

    What are the restrictions on analysts? Can he be on the sidelines, or is he restricted to the booth? Can he recruit?


    • theorginaldawgabides

      From what I’ve gathered, they can be on the sidelines or booth for games, can’t recruit off campus, and can’t actively “coach” players at practice. But I’m sure that last one is a pretty gray area. Also I think they can breakdown film with players and be in on team/position meetings.

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  7. 69Dawg

    I like Brian McClendon and he has more coaching experience but Hines is the better football player and he should be in the damn Hall of Fame. He maybe the only Super Bowl MVP left out. Well, Jake did get screwed out of his number by the Dolphins and the Hall of Fame. Drawggrading on a national scale.


    • miltondawg

      Desmond Howard won the SB MVP and is not in the HoF. Of course, not being the HoF is a given. SB MVP is questionable. He didn’t play an offensive or defensive snap. Won the MVP based on his 99 yard kickoff return for a TD.

      Jim Plunkett is a SB MVP, won two SBs, and is not in the HoF.

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  8. Pretty clear that Kirby got Bobo on staff and offered his son a scholarship in order to keep Mike around until Monken moves on… could be this year… next year… three years… just like Kirby did with Champ and Lanning.

    Bobo is obviously Kirby’s replacement for offensive coordinator when Monken leaves. For those miffed at the thought of Bobo calling plays again I am reminded of my previous comments on that role over a decade ago.

    Mike was a terrific coordinator and play caller for CMR. His problem was that invariably he would make a half a dozen or so bad calls at bad times each game and it hurt us. At the time I even offered to hook electrodes up to Mike’s temples so that he could be zapped before he could call down those mistakes. I even offered to man the switch. If Kirby can get get Mike to eliminate those mistakes when the time comes then we will be fine.

    In the mean time who is going to play fullback.


  9. cowetadawg

    But does he still have his crayons?

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  10. wfdawg

    I agree with the take that Bobo had his share of bad moments, but there’s one game that I don’t think he gets enough credit for: the 2011 SECCG. He was a step ahead of LSU’s DC most of that game, and he schemed us 3 TDs that WRs simply dropped (Mitchell, Aron White, and somebody I’m forgetting). I’m not positive that we win with those catches, but I guarantee you we would have had a great shot.

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    • siskey

      I was never in the Bobo sucks crowd. And I agree about the 2011 SEC Championship game. I think that Mike wants to come home because since we’ve won one with a walk-on QB he won’t be criticized for losing the next Watson or Lawrence and his dream of a Hutson/Grayson/Brice/ Joe type being perpetually installed at QB can come true.:)

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      • Brice was a blue chip prospect.

        Grayson was a Richt/Schitty decision.

        Hutson was never supposed to be the QB … Christian LeMay was recruited to be Murray’s successor.

        Mike Bobo had a hand in recruiting Stafford.

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  11. Geezus

    I think Bobo’s there so he can participate in his son’s football journey for once (just like Boom and Jackson) – those guys have never been able to be a part of their kids’ football experience because they were always coaching. I understand too that it’s not a charity – those guys bring something to the table from a coaching perspective also.

    As far as OC? He had his frustrating moments to be sure, but I also remember some pretty shitty defenses not being able to protect some of the leads his O’s got.

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  12. uga97

    Cant wait to hear what Bobo’s “…self-scouting..” & “…a myriad of other duties…” produces.


  13. After a bad offensive series I can’t wait for Monken to tell Kirby he blames Bobo.

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  14. Everybody hated Bobo till he left. Schottenheimer- fond memories. If Bobo succeeds Monkin, perhaps he’ll have learned some new tricks. My main concern is his health. Can he handle August practices in Athens?


  15. 93dawg

    Would this block be considered a “blindside block” now (and a penalty – or does the NFL have that one – I don’t watch the NFL, it sux)? I know it was clean when it was done, but I don’t see where the guy saw Ward coming, so I’m thinking it would be flagged in today’s game.

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  16. So what’s the story with Bobo and Mcg?