Beyond Metchie and Williams

Now wait a minute here.

“Well, to start, I think they feel like they reloaded like Alabama last year by a lot of people’s accounts was in some way, shape or form, fortunate to be in that situation to be able to play for a national title. And that’s not a knock on Alabama by any stretch of the imagination. If anything, it’s a compliment to Nick Saban and to his program for being able to outperform what they had on the roster. Because last year they were really lean. And you saw that in the national title game, especially in the secondary.”

Despite all the transfers and decades of recruiting success, Alabama somehow found themselves low on quality depth late last year.

Ummm, this is Nick Fucking Saban we’re talking about.  Creator of The Process.  King of Recruiting.  Master of Player Development.  Mr. “I’ll Get You To The NFL, Kid”.  Destroyer of Former Assistant Coaches.  And he’s the one who wound up low on quality depth, not the guy who beat him for the natty with a walk on quarterback?  “Alabama somehow found themselves low” sounds like he was just an innocent bystander who got stuck dealing with a mess somebody else made.

I’m not sure “compliment” means what this dude thinks it means.


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  1. Nick did not fail his roster, his roster failed him. He said so in his post game presser.

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  2. RangerRuss

    With Saban slowing down, traditional rivals in turmoil and the rest of college football being second rate it’s a great opportunity for the Dawgs to win a few National Championships before it all goes to hell in a hand basket.
    Don’t fuck it up, Kirby.
    Go Dawgs!

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  3. originaluglydawg

    What a silly piece of Bama fluff on steroids that read is. When you’re pointing to a GT transfer as the potential centerpiece of your running game, you might be grasping at straws.

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  4. The paradigm has shifted…and by that I mean away from Alabama

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  5. uga97

    Williams caught a meager 60 something yards vs Cincinatti with zero TDs. So yea, the loss of 1 single reciever means dirty nicky found himself stuck on an equal playing field with our WR roster, which BTW has never been fully loaded under Kirby. Can we bury this hatchet yet? End of story.

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  6. Cry me a river, Bammers.

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  7. Russ

    Why do these writers keep pointing out how Nicky doesn’t develop his talent?

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  8. charlottedawg

    I think because we’re Georgia fans we have a tendency to dawgrade even if subconsciously, so let’s get one thing straight because nobody is saying it: 1) the 2021 team was one of the more dominant national champions 2)it got upset by Alabama in the seccg but the national championship game was reversion to the mean

    Alabama can bitch about losing metchie and Williams but if you want to make that argument how does one conveniently overlook the fact that Georgia was absolutely dominating people on offense with its effectively preseason second string offense. I mean you don’t think having arik Gilbert, Arian smith, marcus rosemy jacksaint and kearis Jackson and George Pickens at 100% plus the better of daniels or Bennett at qb as well as ratledge at guard would make a difference against Alabama? Shit, we didn’t even think Brock bowers would see the field much in august because of the depth ahead of him.

    Alabama got their ass kicked in the national championship game with our backups on offense, and their offense only scored a td based on a very questionable fumble call on Bennett. The game could have been much more lopsided.

    Oh and if Bama wants to bitch about losing a key wide receiver in a national championship game I sure would have liked to have javon wims for the entire game in 2017. Please stfu.

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    • Exactly Charlotte, every single game sans the SECC, last season’s UGA team just went out and executed on all sides of the ball. Even the Klempzen game…Georgia felt like it was in complete control. Bama sure as shit didn’t dominate SEC teams like GA did last season. Also, roster management is part of coaching…someone needs to teach that Bama program how to read…”No Excuses” is painted in big letters in the weight room their actions keep telling me no one knows what those letters mean.

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    • Not to mention we lost Adam Anderson during the season.

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    • Tony BarnFart

      Is there any truth to the rumor that a bunch of our guys had the flu during the SECCG ?

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  9. Bulldawg Bill

    “…this is Nick Fucking Saban we’re talking about.”

    Thank Heavens!!!


  10. SenorLorenzo

    And on that same note, not enough is made about the fact that W and M were BOTH 1000 yd receivers in the SAME year! In comparison, UGA’s sole 1000 yd receiver was 20 years ago.

    The point being that a WR makes it to that many yards by 1) of course being good at YAC, but also 2) targeted well above average, and once again Bama had TWO!!! So, the ramifications of that is in spite of recruiting at an unmatched level which should include the WR room, Bama painted themselves into a corner by targeting those guys all year long apparently to the degree that when they lost them both at season’s end, nobody left was experienced and confident enough to be the capable next man up.

    That’s not a viable excuse for losing a natty to injury, that’s just plain failure in development by not taking the present and the future in mind. But as you’ve often said, “something, something, Metchie and Williams.”

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  11. W Cobb Dawg

    Maybe I’m misreading between the lines, but is this guy setting Saban up to be fired if they don’t get a natty this year?


  12. archiecreek

    “And you saw that in the national title game, especially in the secondary.”
    And who does that ignorant sumbitch that wrote that garbage think coaches the gumps secondary??
    And who is in charge of ‘croot’n??
    It ain’t an assistant!!

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  13. ‘Somethin, Somethin, metchie & williams’ has become one of my favorite memes.

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