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Bold strategy, Nostradamus.

CFN, I tells you what.

It takes some real cojones to predict a team that finished 2021 first in the conference in offensive yards per play, third in the conference in points per game, has its starting quarterback and offensive coordinator returning and possesses the best tight end room in conference history is going to finish this season looking ahead at the dust kicked up by Billy Napier’s offense.



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TFW your wedding vows just mean more

If Eli Drinkwitz ever ends his coaching career, he may have a future in standup comedy.  His Tennessee schtick is strong.

“I thought you were going to introduce my record,” the Missouri coach told Jim Rome when appeared on the show. “But with the latest allegations against Tennessee, let’s hold up on what my record is because I expect them to vacate some wins and that’s gonna help my record a little bit.”

Drinkwitz, who has a career record of 11-12 in two seasons at Missouri, is 0-2 against the Vols. In fact, he has been outscored 97-36 in those games.

But he certainly gets points for style.

In the 51-page NOA it is alleged, among other things, Pruitt’s wife, Casey, paid $15,000 for rent and car payments for a Tennessee player and his mother. Under NCAA rules, Casey Pruitt is considered a Tennessee booster.

“Me personally,” Drinkwitz quipped, “I got to question my wife’s commitment to winning. I don’t know how much she’s committed if she’s not engaging in some of these things. I didn’t know that was fair play.”

Rim shot!  Eli Drinkwitz, ladies and gentlemen!  He’ll be here all season!  Try the veal, and don’t forget to tip your server.


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Today, in duh

Check out the big brains in Big Ten country ($$):

“The money in television has gotten so big that it definitely plays a factor in who you look at and who you consider,” said Big Ten special football adviser Barry Alvarez, former Hall of Fame coach and longtime athletics director at Wisconsin. “I’d say it’s a considerable factor.”

Thanks for sharing that, Barry.  Watching college football for the last twenty years, I’d have never guessed that if you hadn’t admitted it.

“The clear message to me is that geography and tradition don’t mean near as much as some other things, TV probably being at the front of that list,” said Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz, the dean of college football coaches. “That’s just the way college has gone. Penn State joined the Big Ten back in the ’90s, probably because of football, and I’d just speculate Nebraska the same way and then further expansion. So, the game has changed a lot, and the environments have changed a lot, and things that are driving the directions of college football have changed.

“I think it makes a lot of sense, other than geography. It just doesn’t make sense there.”

It’s like these guys have been in a coma for decades and are just now waking up to observe the outside world.

College football doesn’t deserve the people running the business side of it.  Not that deserve’s got anything to do with it.


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On the Flats, the soft bigotry of low expectations

At Georgia Tech, it’s a way of life.

Athletic director Todd Stansbury expected Collins to need time to make the transition from the successful tenure of former coach Paul Johnson and his option offense; that’s why he gave him a seven-year contract, one to two years longer than the typical deal given to a new coach. For better or worse, Collins may well be validating his boss’ perspective.

Stansbury has reiterated his faith in Collins. In November, in the days leading to Tech’s season-ending 45-0 loss to Georgia, he said of Collins that “I have my man.” In an interview with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution in May, Stansbury expounded on his endorsement, saying that “he’s my guy because I’m seeing the building blocks of what needs to be done ultimately to get the wins that we need to get.

On the other hand, it also could be that this is a project not going well – a perspective shared by a growing segment of the fan base – and that this season will provide the final conclusive evidence.

“It’s a tough question to answer,” Jones said of how far along Tech has come going into Collins’ fourth season. “Obviously, the results haven’t been there in the past few years, and I think they’re still a team trying to find their footing.”

I’m hoping the Jackets find their way to winning four games this season — stay with me here for a sec — because it would be hilarious to watch Coach 404 and Stansbury tie themselves in knots explaining to the Tech faithful how that’s enough progress to bring Geoff back for another season.  Go get ’em, big guy!


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The greatest trick the Alliance Devil ever played…

… was making the ACC and Pac-12 commissioners believe Kevin Warren shared common cause with them.  Suckers.


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Thank you for your concern



Kirby’s doing just fine.  But your snark game could use some work, fellas.


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