This is the way you do awards.

Congrats, Stetson Bennett!




UPDATE #2:  Anyone who still has their panties in a wad over Stetson’s speech at the celebration ceremony should read this:

And he says took a few days to look back at his Georgia career which gave him a new appreciation about that journey and the sometimes topsy-turvy relationship with the fans. He went from walk-on in 2017 to junior college transfer to returning on scholarship to eventually winning the starting job for good in 2021.

He likened the 65-7 thrashing of TCU in the national championship game on Jan. 9 in Inglewood, Calif., as something like “The Last Waltz,” a 1976 farewell concert by The Band.

“I hope everybody can remember what it was like on that ride because it was nuts, it was nuts,” Bennett said Monday on a Zoom after he was named Manning Award winner for nation’s top quarterback. “Them hating me. Me hating them. Us falling in love together, coming back, playing football. It was special. I wouldn’t change a single thing. I don’t think I’d be here without it being that way. I hope that everybody who was there and everybody who was with me and everybody that I was with, just knows I appreciate the heck out of it. Everything.”


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42 responses to “This is the way you do awards.

  1. debbybalcer

    Well deserved. They should award the Heisman post season too.

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  2. Terry McCullers

    Honestly All awards should be given out in month of January. Well done Stet!

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  3. RangerRuss

    The nation’s top QB? I’d say so.

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  4. W Cobb Dawg

    Will there be a parade?

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  5. The Truth

    Raise your hand if two years ago you were saying, “How are we ever going to replace Stet?” Congrats to a DGD!

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  6. gurkhadawg


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    • RangerRuss

      Oh I’m sure they’d have much rather given the award to a Hooker or any old prostitute than SBIV, GurkhaDawg. His being a star pupil of that Manning QB cult made it easier for them to swallow or butt chug I’d think.

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      • olddawg22

        Young could have gone back to back if Bama had not been totally jobbed out of a spot in the CFP! Instead that walk on qb that beat him in the Championship last year gets it!
        Paaawiilll it just ain’t fair.

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        • RangerRuss

          Waaaaait just a dadgum minute here…
          OldDawg22 = Archmartyr?

          Just kidding there, buddy. You’d never suck cock behind the Eastside Waffle House dumpster for a buck fiddy getting pimp slapped by Got Cowdog for excessive drool from both ends.
          You’re a Damn Good Dawg!


      • Bulldawg Bill

        Remember, Ranger, any Hooker worth his/her salt can handle the Cocks that are thrown at ’em!!!!


  7. I wonder if the Mannings are thinking what Monken could have done with Arch.

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  8. Gaskilldawg

    Fabulous and well deserved. Chuck Oliver in August said Stetson Bennett was the 9th best quarterback in the SEC. He hasn’t mentioned that rating recently.


  9. uga97

    Screw it…two rings

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  10. Derek

    Wouldn’t have missed it for the world, Stet. It was the validation, vindication and celebration that we all needed and he deserved.

    Best night ever for the best Bulldog team ever and the greatest Bulldog football players ever.

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  11. waterswv

    Legend. And it’s only going to grow with time. Helluva college career. Cheers to this DGD

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  12. Salty Dawg

    “You were my favorite, Archie!”
    Those commericals for Caesar’s Sportsbook are funny enough to keep me watching.

    Congrats, Stet! DGD!


  13. archiecreek

    I guess I’ll comment on The Last Waltz by the Band.
    Great documentary on a great band. “The Weight”, “Up on Cripple Creek”, “The Night They Tore Ole Dixie Down”.
    I can see the analogy with Stet. It’s good to go out on top on your own terms!!

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    • thelifeofthemind

      Great analogy, but I’m very surprised he’s A) heard of The Last Waltz, and B) is able to use it as an analogy in regular conversation.


  14. gurkhadawg

    I was beginning to like the old Stet. I kinda wish he would have said:”I didn’t play to win any fucking awards, I played mostly for my teammates and a little for the Dawg fans. Fuck it, thanks, I guess.” But I don’t really care, anything Stet says is fine with me.

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  15. originaluglydawg

    Found this from GTP Dec. 29, 2017.
    Prophesy is a thing.

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    • originaluglydawg

      And if you go back and read comments, old Uglydawg was in Stets’ corner all along. I remember hearing he was a preferred walk on and pulling up his HS highlight film.
      He was delivering the mail then, and he never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, ever quit.

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  16. 69Dawg

    I’m old enough to remember Frantic Fran Tarkington, Stet reminded me of him. Fran would never give up on a play and by the time the opponents Dl had run around for 3 quarters he had them just where he wanted them. I can remember the great Ram’s Fearsome Foursome saying they hated playing him more than any QB in the NFL. Deacon Jones said if I could have caught him I would have killed him but I couldn’t.
    Being a Dlineman playing against Stet must have had a similar affect. Maybe the reason we could run at will in the forth quarters were they totally out of gas chasing Stet.


  17. csmoore2021

    Bennett gets mad, MAD props for dropping that reference to one of the greatest concerts in the history of live performances!

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