The thing about drawing lines in the sand…

… is that they’re always easy to erase.

A Big Ten Conference mandate of not scheduling FCS football programs has been modified to put the Division I younger brothers back in the conversation again.

North Dakota State athletic director Matt Larsen said he’s been told the new policy is a direct reflection of the nine-game Big Ten schedule. On years where a Big Ten team has four home league games, it will be allowed to put an FCS team on its slate.

Gotta fill those bowl slots, right, Jimbo?

Selfishly speaking, the sad part here is that this move reduces the pressure on the SEC to toughen its scheduling.



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Today, in light reading material

If you’re interested, the 2017 UGA Football Media Guide is available online for your viewing pleasure.


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Knee problem? What knee problem?

That’s Nick Chubb, squatting 600 (!) pounds.

I’m beginning to think there’s something to this whole mind over matter thing.

If he leads Georgia to a win in Knoxville this year, I hope he tears up a piece of the turf and walks off the field with it afterwards.


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Envy and jealousy: just winneth, baby.

The Hugh Freeze saga, King James version.

Yea, verily.


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He works hard for the money.

Jim Delany doesn’t give a damn about your optics, media assholes.

Delany was asked at Big Ten Media Days what the optics are of one of the most powerful men in college sports being against compensation for players while cashing an eight-figure bonus.

“The optics are what the writers make of them,” Delany said. “For me, we have an obligation — legal — to share a 990 [tax return], which we have [with USA Today] …

“For me, I’m active, interested. [College athletics] has been important to me for more than 50 years. I continue to believe in it. I think the apt comparison is probably not with the student. I don’t think it ever has been. I understand people will make that connection. I just don’t make it.”

Note that he doesn’t even bother to refer to players as student-athletes.  They’re mere students.  Students aren’t worthy of a big check, not like the active, interested Delany is.

This is why his Division III threat if the NCAA lost O’Bannon was so much hot air.  He and his peers are going to milk the system for every drop they can get as long as they can. (“On Monday, he formally announced the beginning of a six-year media rights deal with Fox and ESPN worth $2.64 billion.”) They’re not going to lose any sleep over it, either.


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Reelin’ in the years

Dan Wolken raises the obvious question.

Rest assured, we are still closer to the beginning of this sordid story than the end. Details will come out. People who knew the double life Freeze was leading will come forward.

And suddenly, the question of what Ole Miss officials knew and when did they know it will become central to the narrative of how the school moves forward.

There’s no reason to be coy here: Whispers about Freeze’s personal behavior have followed him since long before he became a college head coach. But at every stop along the way, it was difficult to do much with those rumors because so many people who were around him on coaching staffs and in athletic departments spoke so highly of him. His public embrace of Christianity, and the genuinely good charitable work he did, provided good cover and an easy narrative for all those glowing national newspaper profiles. Those who doubted his genuineness were written off as jealous or agenda-driven.

Even on Monday after the reality settled in, people who knew Freeze at various stops along the way were dumbfounded. Dean Lee, the former Arkansas State athletics director who gave Freeze his first FBS head coaching job, said he did extensive background checks on Freeze and found nothing that would raise a red flag.

“Never a scent of anything that would have been inappropriate,” Lee said. “This is totally out of the blue. I don’t know what to think and what to believe.”

But if you’re Ole Miss — a school that hired him, kept extending his contract, gave him more and more money and threw people under the bus to protect him in a massive NCAA infractions case — how is it possible you knew nothing for five-plus years and then decided to fire him in a matter of a couple days?

I suspect the truth lies somewhere between the news being a shock and a convenient excuse.  One thing seems pretty certain, though.  Wolken’s right that there’s more to come.


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85 on the button

Seth Emerson counts the heads on scholarship and comes up with this:

Right now the figure I arrive at it is right at 85 … That counts Beal, Wyatt and Crumpton, but not Williams. Any four of these situations could change, but I’m not going to X out Beal and Wyatt out until those situations are over, while my working assumption is Williams will eventually take a medical disqualification. As for Crumpton, it appears things are moving in the direction of him joining the team, but that’s not official, so that’s also an assumption.

That’s good for Kirby Smart.

You’ll not that this list does not include walk-ons who would be candidates to receive a scholarship: K Rodrigo Blankenship, FB Christian Payne, long snapper Trent Frix.

And you’ll note the list also include kicker David Marvin, the graduate transfer who is due to blue-shirt. The understanding here is blue-shirting means he still counts against the 85 scholarship limit, but not this year’s signing class.

That’s tough noogies for Ken Blankenship.


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