Thoughts on yesterday’s reader poll

As of this morning, here’s what the results look like:

First off, that’s the most participants in a GTP reader poll we’ve had, so, while this is far from a scientific study, it would seem to indicate it’s a topic Georgia fans care about.  (I’ll leave it for you to decide if that’s enough for the folks at Butts-Mehre to take notice of.)

Overall, the main result — that the status quo would be the majority opinion — didn’t surprise me.  The fan base is split on Jacksonville, but not that split.

I expected home and home to be the second most popular choice, especially since it’s Smart’s preference, but I’m a little surprised it’s not showing more strongly than just over 20%.  In fact, when you take into consideration that the three other rotation options all include Jacksonville in one form or fashion, there’s a significant consensus that the fan base (at least the part that shows up here) cares pretty strongly about maintaining the Cocktail Party.  Much to Mike Griffith’s chagrin, I would assume.

Anyway, I’m curious what your take is as to the results.  Tell us what you think in the comments.


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TFW you read the perfect offseason header

I mean, does it get any better than “Why Josh Heupel and Tennessee football give me hope for Dan Mullen“?

And to think they say hope is maybe the best of things…


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He ran this state.

A penny for your thoughts here, Mark Richt.


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Parity and the AP preseason poll

Bill Connelly ($$):

… Winston became the second straight redshirt freshman to win the Heisman and gave the Noles a dynamite offense to pair with its elite defense. FSU charged to 14-0, with no opponent able to stay within 14 points until Auburn in the BCS championship game.

That was the last time a team began the season lower than sixth and won it all. It’s happened only three times in the last 18 seasons, and in one of those three (Florida in 2006), the champ started out seventh.

… But since Saban arrived at Alabama in 2007 and redefined what being a title team requires, the sport has become a bit more predictable. And we can say with confidence that one of this year’s top six teams — No. 1 Alabama, No. 2 Ohio State, No. 3 Georgia, No. 4 Clemson, No. 5 Notre Dame or No. 6 Texas A&M — will take the crown.

Of course, if you’ve been paying attention this offseason, you already knew this. The sports books don’t think you even need six guesses to find the champion — three will do. Caesars Sportsbook has been listing an “Alabama, Georgia and Ohio State versus the field” prop bet, and the odds for that trio of teams is down to -380, equivalent to a 79% chance. (A Bama-and-Georgia-only prop is now at -115, equivalent to 53%.)

Expanding from the BCS to the CFP hasn’t affected this, but a sixteen-team playoff field will for sure change all that, amirite?


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A complete back?

Big, if true ($$):

“Kenny (McIntosh) has had a great camp,” Smart said. “He’s picked up pressures, played really physical, caught the ball out of the backfield. Everything that he wants to do at the next level in our offense, we have asked him to do, and he’s done a great job at that. Kenny would be the first to tell you he has to work hard and maintain his weight, take really good care of his body. I think coach Dell McGee has done a great job of taking care of Kenny. He’s done a good job.”  [Emphasis added.]

I don’t think your football expertise has to be particularly high to recognize that the weakest part of McIntosh’s game has been pass protection.  If he’s really made significant strides in that department, it would be one of those little things that turns out to play a big role in making Georgia’s offense click.


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“Some players got it. Some players don’t.”

Kirby Smart on Stetson Bennett:


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Affirmation in a bottle

Proudly adorning my office now:


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Should we stay or should we go?

Yesterday, I had a request for a Cocktail Party reader poll.  So, here goes nothing…

Feel free to add your insight in the comments.


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Musical palate cleanser, six guys in a subway station edition

This is a hoot.  Enjoy.


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Moot point, ctd.

With this news

The biggest event in college football is on the way back to Atlanta.

Previously played here in January 2018, the College Football Playoff national championship game will return to Mercedes-Benz Stadium in January 2025, several people familiar with the matter told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Atlanta will become the first city to host the CFP title game twice.

… comes the obvious question:  will Kirby Smart object to not being able to host recruits at the game?


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