Scenes from a scrimmage

Sure, it’s edited for highlights.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to watch, though.  Anything in particular catch your eye?



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Now **this** is how you do anonymous

Intrepid Ohio State media dude who “broke” the “Courtney Smith’s mom says her daughter lied about her ex-husband” story (which Brett McMurphy debunked) and then went on to reveal that Tom Herman leaked the Zach Smith story to McMurphy (a claim that’s been denied by both parties) is back with another shocking expose.

“In today’s climate” is doing a lot of work there.  Almost as much as “some people”.

My only regret is that Ohio State isn’t playing Texas this season.  They’d have to deploy the National Guard to keep the crowds under control for that game.


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The 2018 AJC Super 11

All eleven on the list have already committed to college programs.

Georgia has commitments from five of the Super 11. The Bulldogs have signed five or six Super 11 players each of the past four seasons, including six last year.

I don’t need to tell you how many have committed to Georgia Tech, do I?


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Today, in “stick to sports”

I’m sure those of you continually offended by political references in the world of sports will rise up to condemn Chris McDaniel, seeking any attention he can get as he runs for a US Senate seat a second time, who evidently objects to Ole Miss replacing Colonel Reb with a new mascot.

Fergit, hayul!


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Musical palate cleanser, back to the well one more time edition

One last thing from last week’s concert to share is a new Dwight Yoakam tune he trotted out, inspired by the whole late sixties/early seventies country rock scene that burst out of California.  It’s called “Pretty Horses”.


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“We’ve got a long way to go to get better.”

Is it just me, or Kirby seem to put out the usual caveats about yesterday’s scrimmage a bit by rote?  Because it sure seems like he’s pretty pleased — and by that I mean more so than in the past — with how things are going.


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Welcome to the Will Muschamp School of Journalism.


The day after a report about the culture of the Maryland football program under DJ Durkin, South Carolina head coach Will Muschamp defended the character of his former assistant and decried the use of anonymous sources in reporting the article.

Friday’s ESPN article cited two unnamed former Maryland staff members in addition to two unnamed current players. The article said there was a culture of intimidation and humiliation among the coaching staff before offensive lineman Jordan McNair’s death.

Maryland announced Saturday that Durkin had been placed on administrative leave as McNair’s death is investigated. McNair died two weeks after collapsing at a workout. That came after Friday’s announcement that some athletic staffers had been placed on leave as well.

Muschamp defended Durkin and disagreed with the coach’s portrayal in the article.

“He’s an outstanding football coach,” Muschamp said during a news conference. “He’s also an outstanding husband and father, and he treats people with respect.”

He went on to assail how the article was reported.

“There’s no credibility in anonymous sources,” Muschamp said. “If that former staffer had any guts, why didn’t he put his name on that?”

He added: “I think it’s a lack of journalistic integrity to print things with anonymous sources.”


Boom, MFers.


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