Why we fight.

David Ching is the Georgia Bulldog beat writer for the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer. He started a blog this year that is required reading for any fan of the program; it’s crammed with lots of info and quotes that don’t make it into his regular column in the paper. He’s the reason I don’t spend time doing the “current recruiting news”, “injury status” or other similar posts here – he’s just better at that than I’ll ever be.

His post today is about the team schedule for the CFA Bowl. It’s actually a topic of interest to me because Richt said recently that one big reason for Georgia’s poor showing in the last Sugar Bowl was that he didn’t manage preparation leading up to that game well and learned from that experience.

Anyway, Ching’s published the entire schedule for our viewing pleasure. But the best thing about the post is the opening line:

I don’t know why anyone would want to know this, but I’ve found this year that someone’s always interested to find out the minute details about what the team’s doing…

That’s what blogging’s all about – someone’s irrelevance is somebody else’s passion.

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