How do I love thee, Chan? Let me count the ways.

Honestly, could there be a better lead in a Terence Moore column than this?

Chan Gailey is an unappreciated treasure at Georgia Tech for many reasons.

What kind of reasons, you ask? Well, it looks like one is being truthful about getting his ass out of the Flats if the right offer comes along:

… Added Gailey, “I tell [recruits and their parents] straight up that, if there is somebody out there next year [in the NFL] that offers me an exorbitant amount of money and it’s a good owner and good people, I’m going to talk to them. That doesn’t mean I’m going, but I’m probably going to talk to them.

“Out of respect for the Wayne Huizengas and the Dan Rooneys, if they call you, you’ve got to talk to them,” said Gailey, adding that he hasn’t received many angry e-mails, calls or looks from Tech fans since his old bosses with the Steelers and Dolphins flew him to their towns for those job interviews. Gailey smiled, saying, “The majority of Tech people are very entrepreneurial. They understand that, if somebody is willing to give you an outstanding business deal, you need to talk to them.”

It’s capitalism at its finest! If I were a recruit, no doubt I would find this inspiring (and if you don’t think Tech recruits are going to hear about this, you’re kidding yourself – of course, it won’t likely be from Tech coaches).

But this is even more inspiring:

“… I’m supposed to be at Georgia Tech right now. Maybe I don’t know all the reasons, but I’m sure they’ll become obvious as time goes on.”


Anyway, judging from some of the comments in response, some of the Tech faithful seem equally oblivious:

By Old N’ Gold shs

May 2, 2007 9:04 PM | Link to this

Wow…thanks a ton Terrence. It’s about time somebody actually gives Chan some of the credit he deserves. People often forget what an elite coach he is. Seeing that the Reggie Ball-Nix era is over and that the Bennet-Bond era begins, I believe people will begin to appreciate Gailey more instead of channeling some of Reggie Ball’s woes onto him…This year will prove that Chan really is the man.

“Channeling some of Reggie Ball’s woes onto him”? Who in the hell recruited and signed Ball in the first place and then gave “Dog” the keys to the car for four years?

Good grief.

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