The best things in life are free.

Revisiting Dink NeSmith’s proposal for just a moment – “Next year, I want to give you a chance to double your pay and make $6 million” – I’m struck by a couple of thoughts.

First, Dink needs to polish his math skills. Mark Richt doesn’t currently make $3 million per year.

Second, what if all that money doesn’t matter? Now, by that I don’t mean that MR doesn’t want to earn a good living. What I’m asking is more on the margins: what if he honestly doesn’t care much about the difference in making $2 million a year versus $6 million?

I’m prompted to ask based on this post about the five most underpaid coaches in college football at Coaches Hot Seat Blog, particularly this part:

Mark Richt – Coach Richt just signed a 8 year – 16 million dollar contract this past summer which pays him $2 million dollars annually, and he is already at least 1 million dollars a year underpaid relative to other coaches in the SEC. Only one coach in the SEC has a career winning percentage better than Richt’s (.782), Urban Meyer (.817), and Urban Meyer is making over $3.25 million a year. If Mark Richt is willing to leave over $1 millions (sic) dollars on the table more power to him, but clearly Richt is one of the most underpaid coaches in the country.



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2 responses to “The best things in life are free.

  1. kckd

    There is no way MR should be paid less than Tuberville. Is Tuberville overpaid or MR underpaid? Well, it has to be one or the other.

    And while no one is gonna turn it down, if there is a coach right now who is not that concerned with the money part of the equation, it would be MR.


  2. Ally

    CMR is most definitely underpaid. But, I think you pinned it Senator – I don’t think its about money to CMR. Certainly he wants to earn a good living and be equally compensated. However, I will never believe he is a head coach for the money. Nor will I believe that money is his motivation for a) staying at UGA and b)working has a$$ off to make UGA the best program it can be.