Just another game

Georgia Tech plans on doing nothing special about announcing the UT-UK results over the PA system during Saturday’s game:

“The Tennessee-Kentucky game will be part of our regular rotation [of score updates],” said Tech spokesman Dean Buchan. “We are not going to do anything beyond the ordinary.”

Translation: Tech is not going to rub it in with multiple announcements if Tennessee is blowing out Kentucky and it is not going to have updates every 30 minutes if Kentucky is winning.

If that’s truly the case, these guys are less creative than I gave them credit for.

Not that Georgia won’t know what’s happened in Lexington by halftime in Atlanta.  And Mark Richt sounds like he’ll be prepared on how to deal with the news:

“I don’t know how somebody at halftime spewing out the score will affect us,” Richt said. “We might get excited and play better. We might get mad and play better. That is how I will spin it anyway.”

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