Relax people. It’s a joke.

This strikes me as one of those articles you stick in the time capsule and come back and revisit in a month and a half or so.

Why would the viewing public necessarily be turned off by a game featuring the #6 scoring offense in the nation versus the #8 scoring offense?

And Ohio State and USC are better stories? Why, exactly?



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  1. Penguin

    Thanks for the heads up. I was born and raised not just in WV, but in the southern coal fields of WV. I scrimped and saved for years to go to WVU and am one of its proudest alums.

    Whether WVU is one of the best two teams is debatable. Likewise with the notion of a playoff and some other points he makes.

    What I don’t appreciate is the crack about dating your sister. For some reason, even people in positions of influence seem to think that this is an acceptable form of humor. It seems that a lot of people just can’t help themselves.

    It can get you into trouble. The only man to ever make a crack like this to me was in a bar in College Park Maryland. I broke his nose so fast it you’d have missed it if you weren’t looking.

    I’m not sure that most people outside the mountains realize how seriously we take that statement. This man doesn’t need to be debated, or censored, or made to apologize. He needs to have some manners slapped into his smarmy mouth.



  2. You have to admire the heart and dedication of Jim Tressel and an Ohio State program lambasted by the University of Florida last year but still in position to make another championship run. It takes a lot of guts to do what Tressel has.

    So when you distill it down to its essentials, his argument is that because tOSU got bitch-slapped in the MNC game last year, they’re that much more deserving of a second chance.

    Does it ever occur to some of these people that maybe we want to see two brand-new teams in the title game? That after being force-fed a diet of Trojans and Buckeyes for damn near four years running by the ABC/ESPN empire, we would be thrilled that they have to talk about someone else for a change?


  3. I still continue to be amazed by the steady drumbeat of angst from people who can’t bring themselves to enjoy what has been one of the greatest seasons of not just college football but organized sports in my lifetime because of an event that hasn’t even had its participants lined up yet.

    Given the way this season has gone, is it too much to expect that whoever winds up playing in the BCS title game might give us a better time than USC and Oklahoma did in ’04?


  4. Penguin

    Amen to that SB.

    More games between BCS conference teams might to clarify things a bit. It is very difficult to determine, in theory, the best championship game matchup with so few data points defining strength among conferences.

    And, if you’ll excuse the very mild criticism, I think that mega-conferences where some teams don’t play other teams supposedly within the same conference also adds to the uncertainty. I think these 12 team conferences were formed to garner more marquis programs, but they also allow significant differences in SOS for teams within the same conference.

    I don’t know who are the best two teams and I don’t care. WVU won their conference and hopefully will play a top notch team well in a big bowl. It has been a great season… If only my Badgers had discovered how to play defense a little earlier I might have had the pleasure of seeing them both in the big bowls. The Rose Bowl escapes for another year.



  5. Will, the 12 team conference was birthed for one reason: $$$$.

    If it were up to me, I’d make all the conferences consist of ten schools and have ’em all play a round robin schedule with two non-conference games.


  6. Freeman’s picture makes him look like an ugly woman.