Tebow looks back.

From a Wendell Barnhouse article (h/t The Wizard of Odds), we discover that Tim Tebow has learned how to downplay a loss.

“I learned it was a long season, playing every game, every down, I learned a lot,” Tebow said. “I got a few bumps and bruises. The only game I didn’t feel healthy for was Georgia.”

(photo courtesy Star-Telegram/Ron T. Ennis)

42-30, dude.  Deal with it.


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9 responses to “Tebow looks back.

  1. jack

    Amazing what can happen to you when you don’t have a bye-week prior to the WLOCP. Huh?


  2. jack

    Going back to ’02 the Gators had a bye-week every year. Except ’07 and ’04. In both of the years without the bye-week, the Gators lost to UGA. Great rivalry. I would love to know the statistics on the entire bye-week to win comparison.


  3. dean

    AARRGHHH! Man I’m so flippin’ tired of hearing that crap. What, if he’s healthy then he doesn’t get sacked 6 times. Or if he’s healthy Moreno doesn’t run for 188 yards. Or maybe Massaquoi or Henderson drop the TD passes. No, no wait if he’s healthy then they certainly would have made the first down on that double reverse they ran of 4th down.
    I could also say that if Shockly was healthy in ’05 then we wouldn’t have lost that game. But the fact is I don’t know so I’ve moved on. It’s time for Teb[l]ow and rest of the god forsaken gator fans to do the same.


  4. Richt-Flair

    So if Tebow wasn’t healthy for Jacksonville, and was sacked half a dozen times, and hobbled off the field, then how’d he miraculously recover the next week against Vandy?


  5. UgaMatt

    Because he is the almighty Tebow


  6. Frustrated

    This year we play LSU at Baton Rouge and Florida has the week off the week before Jax. Something ain’t right. Damon Evans needs to be a little more assertive with the SEC about this.


  7. Frus, Florida plays Kentucky the week before the WLOCP. The Gators have an off week before the Kentucky game.


  8. gadawg4lifecar

    Does anyone out there have a extra few diapers for the media’s babydoll. It is phrases such as this that lets me u/stand what it ( truly ) means to be content. I have to say that you can be sure of 2 things which are death and taxes, but my friends make absolutely no mistake about it when i say
    that i HATE!!!!!!!! Alabama,Florida,and Auburn.
    Fellows, as a dawg fan, I really think that the next 2 years especially that we can make a serious run at this thing. GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. AceG8tr

    I’m not one to whine, but you guys brought it up. . .

    We were missing a whole dimension of our offense that game, because he was hurt and couldn’t take off. Not to say we would have won–but it would have been more competitive. Look forward to deciding the MNC (and the SEC, as well as the Eastern division) between you and us in Jax this year!