Lofty goal

This I did not know:

… [Stafford’s] completion percentage improved from 52.7 to 55.7. His target goal this season is completing at least 62 percent of his passes, something only Bobo in 1997 and Eric Zeier in 1993 have done at Georgia.

For some perspective, last season 29 programs boasted completion percentages higher than 62%. Three were from the SEC (UK, UF, UT).



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4 responses to “Lofty goal

  1. dean

    I knew about the 62% goal but I had no idea Bobo was one of only two UGA QB’s to accomplish this goal. That’s hard to believe considering all the wounded ducks he used to throw.
    Hopefully Stafford doesn’t get overly concerned with the goal and become hesitant with his throws.


  2. ubiquitous ga alum

    Interestingly completion % does not automatically = success … Take David Greene, who happens to be one of the winingest QB to ever play college football.


    2001 – 59%-18-11
    2002 – 57.5%-22-8
    2003- 60.3%-13-11
    2004- 58.5%-20-4

    So Greene’s best year of 22TD was his lowest completion% and his best completion% years of 2001 & 2003 were his worst TD-INT ratio.

    In all fairness, David spent a large portion of 2003 running for his life and rotating heavily with DJ.


  3. Ally

    Not to be picky, but Greene was and still is THE winningest qb in NCAA Div I. Sorry, couldn’t help myself, I’m still a big Greene fan.


  4. dean

    IF you didn’t say it, Ally, I was. You beat me to the punch yet again.