The object of Tommy Beecher’s disdain

For what it’s worth, Steve Spurrier has selected a #1 quarterback heading into the summer. It’s not Chris Smelley; it’s not Steven Garcia; it’s Tommy Beecher. Now given Spurrier’s track record with his starting QBs, that’s not exactly a decision etched in stone – more like scribbled on a chalk board with Spurrier holding the eraser in his other hand – but I find myself rooting for Beecher based simply on this quote:

“I don’t even know what to expect from Garcia. No one’s really seen him play. … I think Chris and I feel like we can grab the starting spot. I don’t feel like Garcia’s a godsend to get that first spot.”

Best of luck to you, kid.  I suspect you’re gonna find out during the season that the vast majority of Gamecock fans seriously disagree with you on that last point.  But at least you’ve given the rest of us a great nickname for Garcia.



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2 responses to “The object of Tommy Beecher’s disdain

  1. NebraskaDawg

    It’s always a good sign when you go with the lesser of two evils.


  2. GeorgiaDawg04

    Beecher better be careful, his car might get keyed!!