One more Celebration quote…

from Jeff Owens:

“It was just a one-time thing,” Georgia defensive tackle Jeff Owens. “It wasn’t planned. Guys saw other guys running out so everybody else ran out. I saw everybody else do it, so I did it. I didn’t want to be the last one when the cameras looked on the bench and I was the only one sitting there.

“It fired us up big time. I think we had like six personal fouls that game. That was the most we had all year. Guys were just Gator chomping and everything. I felt we had our swagger back after that.”

It’s always great when a plan comes together.  Even when there’s no plan.


UPDATE: No plan?  The eternally indignant Franz Beard begs to differ.



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19 responses to “One more Celebration quote…

  1. shadrach

    I rarely have pity on folks, but Beard is so bad at what he does for a living that you can’t help feeling that he’s got problems. He’s looking for black helicopters. Get past the psychosis and then you understand that he’s calling Richt a liar. How in the hell is this guy allowed to call himself a journalist?

    If that’s the best the editor of the site can muster, they should cut that fool loose.


  2. Will

    Wow, Franz, dude. Let it go. Let. It. Go.


  3. Hobnail_Boot

    We’re definitely not in their heads.


  4. Chuck

    They let people like that write stuff like that for a living?

    That was message board quality homerism at best.


  5. Franz…Franz…Franz…you forgot the meds again.


  6. Hill Dawg

    Hope that boy is not being paid what he is worth. He’ll starve to death.


  7. Barry

    Senator, just as you said last year, WE ARE IN THEIR HEADS. Look at Beard – he’s calling Georgia fans rednecks and CMR a liar.

    If we can win this year, I truly believe this series will be Georgia’s for years to come.


  8. peacedog

    The thing I take away from all of this is that we are not in the heads of any Gators and/or Gator fans.

    Not even a little.


  9. If you ask me, Mark Richt brought a butter knife to a gunfight and the guy with the gun has a howitzer. Paybacks are hell, baby. Just remember that.

    Pretty tough talk, Franz, from somebody who’s spent the last nine months on the fainting couch.

    On the bright side, your talent for obsessive melodrama regarding UGA has earned you an honorary degree from Georgia Tech. Kudos!


  10. Munson's_call

    Seeing a Gator that enraged just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. My favorite part is that he thinks Richt had the team practice the celebration during practice all week. Like we didn’t have better things to do like preparing for their spread offense or simulating their secondary getting beat all day long.


  11. Richt-Flair

    So if we’re talking metaphors, is Knoshown the butter knife and Tebow the howitzer? So what do you call him having shoulder problems then, firing blanks?

    And how is Meyer better at mind games? He’s better at crying, that’s about it.


  12. wathcer16

    Well, we do know their players love to fire off some automatic weapon at will so its not too much of a stretch…


  13. Jim

    Swervin Irvin…get over it’re gaters ain’t so clean cut …I’ve said for years”Guk the faters”

    Gator Hater,JimDawg


  14. dean

    OK Franz. You’re right. The celebration was actually planned at the same time the black out for Auburn was planned. It had been rehearsed for several weeks prior and was performed flawlessly. There does that make you feel better? D-bag.


  15. Hunkering Hank

    Franz is a fart in the wind.


  16. 81Dog

    LOL at Doug and the honorary degree from Georgia Tech award. Well played, sir.

    I guess next, Franz will be accusing Mark Richt of other heinous crimes against humanity, like burning a Gator jersey, or spitting on an air brushed car tag. I can only imagine Coach Richt’s fear at the thought of the steely eyed hero of Florida homer sportswriters riding into Jacksonville to avenge outraged mullet wearers and rust bucket Camaro drives from Pensacola to Cayo Hueso. The horror…the horror.

    Best thing UGA can do is just surrender now. Take the forfeit, Bulldogs…havent you heard? URBAN MEYER IS COMING FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Run for your liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiives!!!!!!!!!

    or, maybe Richt will just shrug this off and UGA will ram a big dose of Moreno/King/Southerland down the gullets of the pathetic Gator D, and the UGA D line will make a hearty reaquaintance with Tim Tebow in the Florida backfield. Who knows?


  17. kcits

    Wow! Franz come back from tha edge there fella! If UGA wins again this year, someone should put him on suicide watch. And FU must have had p*$$ pour aim with that howitzer, because UGA gutted that gator D with its butter knife.


  18. Tenn_Dawg

    KM was the warm butter knife and the Gators D was the butter. Plus the only Howitzer I saw in that game was Stafford’s arm throwing darts to his receivers.


  19. Writer969

    franz is useless he had one of the best sports writers in the area in his hand and he fumbled on the goal line. Franz is a joke.