Rivals’ Georgia preview

They’ve got the Dawgs at #2, so you figure it’s pretty favorable.  And it is.

The major knock is… wait on it… the schedule.

Fun factoid:

Georgia is the only Division I-A team in the nation that ranked in the top 40 in all five special-teams categories (net punting, punt returns, kickoff returns, punt-return defense and kickoff-return defense) last season.



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3 responses to “Rivals’ Georgia preview

  1. Thanks for sharing the special teams info. That’s something I’d not heard and pretty darn impressive.

    I’m also glad those stats didn’t include number of muffs. That’s a special teams stat you don’t want to rank high in.


  2. a redcoat

    i get so mad when i keep reading that our schedule hurt our ranking. what does who we are playing (and when) have to do with how good we are? shouldn’t you be ranking teams by talent, depth, and coaching (since it’s preseason)? what the hell does our schedule have to do with our ranking? they’re actually ranking us lower for playing harder teams! that’s ridiculous! why punish us for that? we haven’t even played a game! what if the real polls come out and we’re ranked 3rd b/c of schedule and then us and the two teams ahead of us go undefeated? then… maybe b/c our schedule was so hard, they’d still have us ranked lower. that’s about how much since that logic makes. man that crap pisses me off.


  3. dean

    AMEN, redcoat.

    I am a little surprised at our special teams consistency. However now that I think about it when was the last time we had a punt or kickoff returned on us?