More Georgia-Auburn stuff

This is all random stuff I’m throwing out here.  The only common thread is that it all caught my eye for some reason.

  • One strange thing about Auburn.  The Tigers are 5-5, but have only trailed at the half once this season, against Ole Miss (a game they lost).  You’d have to say these guys have had some issues finishing.
  • One reason for that first half success is that their defense comes out ready to play.  Auburn has only yielded 13 points in the first quarter all season (and seven of that came off of a fumbled punt in the end zone recovered by the opponent).
  • For what it’s worth, Sagarin currently ranks Auburn at #73 in the country, one slot behind Arizona State.
  • If you’re looking for a preview, you could do a lot worse than to read this Q & A between two of the wittiest guys in the college football blogosphere over at Hey Jenny Slater.  Good stuff.
  • Speaking of doing a lot worse, here’s the CFN preview of the game.
  • What is the deal with Tray Blackmon?
  • And David Hale’s got something up that, while not directly about Saturday’s game, is an amazing read:  a timeline of the season (so far, anyway) for the offensive line.  All I can say is that Stacey Searels earns every penny that he makes – and then some.


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3 responses to “More Georgia-Auburn stuff

  1. dean

    Geez, I need to lay down. After reading that timeline my head is spinning. Is it me or is it unheard of to have that many injuries to one group of players in a season? It just seems to be beyond ridiculous.


  2. Ally

    I doubt it. I’ve wondered the same thing. I’d love to know if there’s another team in Div I that’s suffered more injuries than we have, especially at left tackle.


  3. Ally

    And looks like “the deal” with Tray Blackmon is that he’s taking respnsibility for his children while he can’t play football. Kudos to him – that says a lot more to the young men that are his fans than anything he ever did or will do on the field.