“Touchdown Georgia… game over.”

Does Joe Cox have Matthew Stafford’s arm?  Of course not.

But he’s had his moments in a Bulldog uniform already, don’t forget.


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21 responses to ““Touchdown Georgia… game over.”

  1. dean

    I don’t remember his quote in the huddle verbatim but something to the effect of “if we don’t win this game we don’t deserve to wear this G on our helmets”. That’s classic.

    No matter the outcome of the forthcoming season Cox is a DGD.


  2. The Realist

    He’s got this newfangled thing called “touch.” It’s amazing really. You throw an easy-to-catch ball to a spot and let your receiver run under it and grab it.

    I bet Spurrier would not play golf for like a week to have had Cox under center the past three years.


  3. SLH

    Exactly! Realist. That is the first thing I thought (and said) about Cox – he has touch, and can throw a rope when needed. Not the scud missile of Stafford but that’s not the most important variable for a college Qb.

    Greene could throw it but had tremendous touch which, at the CFB level, is more important.

    I expect Cox to have a very good year, and for us to not experience a tremendous dropoff at that position. Now it’s a different story at RB.


  4. HVL Dawg

    Thanks. I can’t wait till next year!

    Go Dawgs.


  5. Hobnail_Boot


    Greene did not have ‘tremendous touch’, he had average arm strength. His biggest tangible skill was the ability to fit the ball into tight spaces where only his guy had a chance at it.


  6. Julie

    As my 82-year-old father has said on numerous occasions, “Joe Cox throws a pretty pass.” While he might not have Stafford’s velocity or quite the arm strength, he’s right.


  7. baltimore dawg

    add my voice to the growing chorus: i feel very good about joe cox at qb next year.


  8. Ally

    Realist – great comment & so true. Funny though how the lamecocks are having a field day of Staff & Knowshon leaving. Most think Joe Cox is another Joe T III, lol. Once again, they think this gives them hope for an SEC East Title. Ugh.


  9. Turd Ferguson

    First of all, thank you, Senator. I tried briefly and unsuccessfully yesterday to find a video of Cox winning that game for us.

    Second, I gotta say, I’m surprised by how excited I already am about the future. Since we recruited him, I’ve been a huge fan of Matthew Stafford. Granted, he’s disappointed me at times, and I’ve always thought he was better-suited for the NFL than for college (in a kind of bizarro-Tebow sort of way), … but I’ve still always been a huge fan, and I really do think that he’ll be a Super Bowl MVP at some point in the next 10 years. So I was kind of expecting yesterday’s news to come as a huge bummer, but … it didn’t. The future just looks too bright.

    Not only is Cox a great QB, but he’ll likely have better blockers and (in my opinion) a better receiving corps than Stafford ever had (assuming Michael Moore continues to improve as he has, Green gets his groin under control, and Kris “White Lightning” Durham stays healthy). And I’m crossing my fingers w.r.t. our defense and special teams. I mean, It’s GOT to get better, right? (By the way, here’s hoping new recruit Branden Smith turns out to be at least a little better than his buddy Reshad Jones.)

    And 2010 is already looking scary good. Aaron Murray and Zach Mettenberger will have each had a year to learn the offense. Our offensive line should be populated by juniors and seniors. A. J. Green will be a junior (and probably in his last season as a Dawg). Etc., etc., etc.

    Good luck to Stafford and Moreno. They’ll be missed, … but maybe not as much as I’d originally thought.


  10. DAve

    I’m gonna miss Southerland as much as Stafford and Moreno – that kid had what? One bad play in four years (the fumble that was returned for a TD by Auburn in the ’05 game)?


  11. Heyberto

    Georgia will be fine under Cox, I have no doubt. Not saying we’ll get to the national title, but we’ll be fine.


  12. Jim

    Of course our future success is dependent on fixing the defense and special teams. If we play like we did this year, next year could be pretty rocky. Even two years ago we had to score more than 30+ points to beat the Gators. If we can keep them to less than 20 points, we will have a chance next year.


  13. Ally

    DAve, great point bringing up Southerland. He really got lost in the shuffle this year and sadly hasn’t been talked about as much lately. He is and always will be one of my favorite Dawgs.

    The first 4 games this year when he was out, we saw quickly how important he is to our offense. His cleats will be hard to fill.


  14. Robert

    Wow. That was one of the most teeth gnashing games I’ve ever experienced at Sanford Stadium.

    Passes were getting dropped left and right. We didn’t seem to have any fight until the final two minutes of the game.

    Thank you, Joe Cox. I’m keeping the faith.

    I’m going to second Dave’s comment about Brannan Southerland.

    Now there is a Damn. Good. Dawg.


  15. HVL Dawg

    I remember that Colorado game. I remember the way the home fans cheered MoMass 😦 .

    On the last TD pass the ball seemed like it was in the air for 30 seconds. You could see that the big man had his man beat and when he came down with it there was such a relief.

    I think Cox was our 3rd QB of the game and I was screaming, “C’mon Joe- you can be the starter!” He was the best QB in the game but he didn’t win the starter’s job.

    Every Dawg has his day!


  16. AceG8tr

    “Once again, they think this gives them hope for an SEC East Title. Ugh.”

    Sorry guys, you both will be disappointed. We return virtually all of our defensive starters and most of our offense. We will have a better team overall next year than we do this year. True, we will lose Harvin and Spikes, but Tebow will be back. And GPOOE or not, he’ll make it 3 of 4 against the Dawgs.

    Both you and SC will be competing for second in the East.



  17. Turd Ferguson


    Will Penn Wagers be calling the game this year, too?


  18. Robert

    Boomer. Sooner.


  19. AceG8tr

    Turd: So let me get this straight. You think the refs cost you the game this year? You guys are even more delusional than I thought.

    Robert: Sorry, man. The truth hurts.



  20. As can be seen I am writing this long after the MNC has been decided this evening. I still maintain if we play defense and (un)special teams anywhere like we should in 09 there’s no reason we can’t make the date with the gators go our way. I’ve got a REAL good feeling after hearing JoeC talk about getting people fired up. Can’t wait!


  21. The Bull

    Georgia has a bye before the cocktail party and are 3-0 against the G8trs after the G8trs have won a nat. championship!