The stoopid. It hurts.

I was going to write something about John Feinstein’s latest BCS temper tantrum, but I just didn’t have the heart stomach for it.

Fortunately, Orson kicks some righteous ass on the subject – and it’s a Rick Reilly two-fer, to boot.

I swear, if you could guarantee me that a playoff would put an end to moronic pontificating like that, I’m ready to take the deal.


UPDATE: Doc Saturday fisks Feinstein.



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5 responses to “The stoopid. It hurts.

  1. Tom

    You’d still get the pontificating, but it would be over who deserves to be number 8, not who deserves to be number 1.


  2. Derek

    I agree with you on the playoff, but I agree with Feinstein that Utah ought to be ranked No. 1. In 1983 a 12-0 BYU squad won the NC without beating a team that had won more than 6 games. In 1990 an average Tech team won a share of the National Title by winning the Citrus Bowl. These “champions” were a joke. That ain’t Utah. Utah may not beat UF or OK or TX in a fictional match-up, but they did beat everyone on their schedule and the schedule wasn’t some sort of joke. (Oregon State, Michigan, BYU, TCU and hell Wyoming beat UT in Knoxville, right?)

    Those who are against playoffs, like myself, say that the regular season is the playoff. Win all your games and you’ll be No. 1 and have nothing to complain about. (Unless 2 others do the same of course.) Well Utah won that regular season playoff, played a respectable schedule and they deserve the trophy over USC, UF, OK, and TX, period.


  3. Irishdawg

    I’m not sure where I stand on Utah’s claims, but I do like anything that slams Rick Reilly. The guy is a hugely overrated writer and a sanctimonious ass on top of that. He sucked at SI and I’m assuming he sucks wherever he is now, I just don’t have him arriving in my mailbox every week.

    I do agree with the above comment, though: if Tech won a half NC with that joke of 1990 schedule, then Utah has a legit gripe.


  4. Nothing will ever stop clueless pontificating. There are people who try to argue the Patriots are better than the Giants from last year. Too bad. The field decided it.

    But the guy makes some good points, as well as some hilarious ones:

    As for the Big Ten, has anyone noticed that it really doesn’t play much football anymore? After the Fiesta Bowl it finished 1-6 in bowls, the only win in an Iowa victory over a South Carolina team whose 63-year-old coach is by far the best quarterback wearing the school colors.


    Threshold RPG


  5. Hackerdog

    “There are people who try to argue the Patriots are better than the Giants from last year. Too bad. The field decided it.”

    Given that the teams played twice last year and each team won once, I don’t know how the field decided it. I assume that you mean that, since the Patriots won in the regular season, which is meaningless in the NFL, and the Giants won in the playoffs, which is all that’s important, the Giants are the better team.

    I just don’t want to see that same “logic” applied to college football. I would hate to see my season tickets devalued that much.