Next generation

Just how young is new running backs coach Bryan McClendon?

… McClendon started for Georgia in the 2005 SEC championship game. He was teammates with current Bulldogs Rod Battle, Joe Cox, Bryan Evans and Marcus Washington.

In other words, pretty young.


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6 responses to “Next generation

  1. ceph

    You gotta love it, I look around and all these coaches are upgrading their coaching staffs. So what does Richt do, he takes a graduate assistant (who was a receiver) and makes him the running back coach!!!! Then he says he is really going to be a great coach. What we need is someone who is a really great coach now! Richt evidently has this thing about who coaches running backs (i.e) Kirby Smart who was hired away from UGA as Alabamas DC, maybe McLendon will be hired as Floridas next defensive coach. The running back coaches at UGA must attain all this great knowledge about defenses from this position. I just wish he had promoted Smart to the position and kept it in house.


  2. Ally

    Just curious, what evidence do you have that B Mac won’t be a great RB coach? You do realize that he’s been coaching our WR’s the last two seasons, with vast improvements as a result.

    It always cracks me up to see so many people bag on a coach BEFORE seeing what he can do in that new role. It’s one thing to show proof (as in the case of a bad DC for instance) that he’s not up to snuff, but its another to leap to this assumption that promoting B Mac is already a bust.

    And as far as his knowledge of RB’s goes…. have you ever heard of the former UGA & NFL running back Willie McClendon (and former RB Coach as well)? Not too shabby of a mentor if you ask me.

    No offense, I just think its way to early to suggest this won’t be a great success.


  3. cousinwalter

    I had a class with him my last year at Georgia. So, he can’t be that old.


  4. Prov

    Should have brought back Jasper Sanks to coach the RB’s


  5. cousinwalter

    Coach Richt brought Sanks back to give one of those “Don’t be like me” Speeches after Sanks came back to get his degree.


  6. ugafish

    Love this move. B Mac is a rising star.