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With Bill Young’s departure to Oklahoma State now official, will Dawg fans be more disappointed if Miami doesn’t make a run at Willie Martinez, or it does, but Georgia takes the necessary steps to keep him in Athens?


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  1. Ally

    If it means Willie gets a big fat raise & contract extension after the historically BAD year we had on D in addition to the previous 3 years of decline, then you better believe I’m gonna be livid.

    I type this as I look at my Hartman Fund donation request form.


  2. Will I be disappointed? Yes. In both instances.


  3. Dog in Fla

    Not sure why Coach Martinez would leave the job security he has at UGA under Coach Richt for a lateral transfer to UM notwithstanding the alumni connection.

    Of course, WM would not miss those of us who complain about his defense all the time. To counter that minor annoyance, he most likely has a career-long position as a DC at Georgia guaranteed as long as Coach Richt is here.

    If you believe what Miami fans say down here, the prediction for Coach Shannon’s long-term job security as a head coach is not assured by any stretch of the imagination.


  4. baltimore dawg

    but it’s also possible that miami makes a serious run at martinez and he has no interest in the job, thus requiring no aggressive counter-offer from uga–which will still be a pretty unwelcome result for many fans.

    i already think that richt is on the hook for martinez, but if he has to offer him a big raise to retain him, well, then the ratchet is just going to tighten up that much more.


  5. So basically the choice becomes Martinez or Garner.

    Huge differences there, right?


  6. Mack

    1) CWM knows his stuff and had a bad year, in which injuries and piss poor attitudes of key players AND coaches came to back to bite the team.

    2) Garner couldn’t coach himself into a laz-e-boy if he was spotted the chair. See attitude above.


  7. Dawg93

    Mack – nail, head.


  8. Ally


    1) I’d love to see some proof of that accusation towards other D coaches.

    2) I bet Marcus Stroud, Richard Seymour, Charles Grant, etc., etc., etc., would beg to differ.

    3) David Pollack has said numerous times, including just a few short weeks ago on his radio show, that Coach Garner is one of the best Coaches he’s ever had – including those w/ the Bengals. Seeing as how David’s actually played for UGA, you’ll have to forgive me if I take his word over yours.

    4) Just curious, how many 1st round NFL picks (Seconday line only) has Willie produced?


    • Just curious, how many 1st round NFL picks (Seconday line only) has Willie produced?

      Ally, per Chip Towers, Martinez has produced three All-America DBs at UGA and is about to have his 10th drafted into the NFL.

      I’m not sure how many were first round picks, although Thomas Davis comes to mind quickly.


  9. 69Dawg

    Can’t we all just get along. I have always been a believer in the old saying,”Better the Devil you know than one you don’t.” If CWM goes he goes, if he stays he stays.

    Go Dawgs.


  10. As much as this news excited Georgia fans when it first broke it is a lose/lose for UGA football.

    Martinez bolts for UM, saddling us with a HUGE risk (Garner) as a replacement.


    They make a run at Willie and we cough up the cash to keep a medicore DC.

    I guess a win would be if they just completely ignored him. Very possible if they get around to watching that Kentucky & Tech film 🙂

    Georgia Bulldog News


  11. I don’t really want anyone to leave at this point. If Willie gets a better offer then good for him. We had a bad year on the defensive side no doubt. Too many different things went into making that mess for me to pin it on CWM alone. Also, while I don’t think its happening yet, it will soon come a time that fresh faces will be good(given they are good coaches) for the program as a whole. Hopefully this can occur by coaches “taking another offer” instead of us having to air our dirty laundry like so often happens. I’ve had enough of that to last a lifetime. I’m quite proud of Coach Richt(and our program) in that this is not a revolving door for coords/coaches and I’m still trusting him to manage this thing for the betterment of all concerned. I can’t wait to see what happens in the spring/fall.


  12. sUGArdaddy

    Everybody, it’s not just a closed door case to have it be Garner. When we lost Calloway, CMR went and found the best possible replacement. Don’t you think he’d do the same now? Who’s the best defense we played this year? Gosh, if they just had a UGA alumni who could take the DC job and fill the hole as secondary coach. The ink won’t be dry on headlines before Kirby sends in his application for that position, and he’ll be one of hundreds. If CMR hires Garner, it won’t be because it’s too late or because he’s an “insider” or whatever…it will be because he thinks he gives us the best shot to win a championship.


    • Honestly, in light of Richt’s recent comment about Rodney being ready to take the next step up to becoming a defensive coordinator, I don’t see how Richt would be able to hire someone over Garner to become DC without looking completely insincere and losing Garner in the process.

      That doesn’t mean it wouldn’t necessarily be in the best interests of the program to move in another direction if Martinez were to leave, just that there would be some repercussions from a decision like that.

      As for Kirby Smart, he is to Nick Saban as Neil Callaway was to Mark Richt. MR can do better than that, IMO.


  13. dudetheplayer

    Ally, out of curiosity, did you actually watch Charles Grant play for UGA? I realize the guy was a high draft pick and all, but if you actually watched the guy perform while he was here, I don’t see how you could point to him in particular as some sort of example as a great collegiate player or representative of great coaching. He consistently half-assed it in his time for Georgia.


  14. Senator, Thomas Davis was drafted in the same draft as Pollack and Odell. That was Van Gorder’s last year. Willie didn’t take over until 2005.


    • Maybe I misunderstood her question, but I thought she was asking how many DBs WM sent to the pros as first round picks in his capacity as position coach.

      BVG was the DC in ’04, but Martinez was the secondary coach and TD was a safety. That’s why I thought he counted.


  15. Bryan Carver Dawg97

    Wrath of Ally in 3, 2, 1…


  16. Coastal Dawg

    I don’t see what all the fuss is about Kirby Smart or Muschamp for that matter.

    As far as Martinez, I think CMR should have a come to Jesus talk with him and just say, ” I stuck my neck out for you all season. I want you to stay, but there won’t be any more money based on last year’s performance. Straighten things out next year and we’ll talk.”

    Then if he goes, he goes.