When Manning talks…

There’s an interesting quote in this Chris Low post about Archie Manning’s assessment of the GPOOE™ as a future pro quarterback.

The quote is from Archie himself:

“[Tebow] probably suffers a little bit because their system at Florida is different than what a lot of pro football teams do and different than what a Southern Cal or a Georgia does,” Manning said. “It’s not that he’s bad at some of those things. They just haven’t seen him do a lot of things professional quarterbacks are asked to do…”

If I’m Mark Richt, I’m printing a few of those suckers up and handing them out to quarterback recruits like candy.  “Archie says we’ll get you ready for the pros, young man” ought to go over pretty damned well.


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  1. NCT

    Reading your post, I immediately thought, “Do recruits know Archie Manning as anyone other than Peyton’s and Eli’s dad?” I’m not saying that’s not enough for his statements to make an impression, but, you know.


  2. Dog in Fla

    Archie’s quote is exactly why a top QB in Florida, such as Aaron Murray, chooses to play for Mark Richt rather than Urban Meyer.

    All high school QB’s who are thinking about playing QB for a career should certainly know the bona fides of Archie.

    Coach Richt did the same thing when he was OC at FSU in terms of having better QB’s than UF or Miami.


  3. I don’t think it matters so much that they know exactly who Archie Manning is, it’s that the guy is the father of two of the great Quarterbacks playing in the NFL right now and they’ll know who they are.

    So yeah, I’d make copies and laminate those suckers for durability.

    If I’m Richt I make it my facebook status too 🙂

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  4. The Realist

    This is only tangentially related, but didn’t ole Urbs say prior to last year that the offense would be molded to better showcase Tebag, er, Tebow’s NFL QB qualities? Didn’t that last until Ole Miss, at which point they “unleashed” the Tebow, meaning his running ability and play action off the run became the focal point of the offense once more? How, exactly, is the offense going to be transformed, sans Percy Harvin, to better showcase Tebow this year?

    I can’t imagine he’s going to take a whole lot of snaps under center. That would severely limit the misdirection that is key in the offense. Plus, there isn’t really an I-back on the team. They are all in the Demps/Rainey Quark-back mold like Trindon Holliday at LSU… not somebody to run between the tackles all that frequently.

    So, of the things that NFL quarterbacks are asked to do, Tebow won’t take snaps under center, won’t play-action fake, won’t have experience with quick reads after turning his back to the defense. It’s pretty unlikely that his ability without gametime repetition in all of those areas is sufficient to warrant being drafted as a quarterback in the first round.



  5. Dog in Fla


    If Florida went ahead with its planned hiring of Scott Loeffler (ex-QB coach last season for Detroit Lions and before that ex-QB coach for U. of Michigan under Lloyd Carr) as QB coach at Florida, he is the guy who will try to get Tebow NFL ready.

    Carr said he thinks Loeffler can do it. Plus former Michigan QB’s Tom Brady and Chad Henne speak highly of Loeffler. Maybe Tebow will be getting up close and personal with his center and going deep on us next year.


  6. baltimore dawg

    i don’t know what kid in his right mind would want to attempt to take the stage in gainesville after a four-year run of “the passion of the tebow.”


  7. Is Loeffler the same genius who kept Tom Brady on the bench?

    Wow, I hope they hire him.

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  8. Aligator

    people, urban is not changing his offense so tebow can get drafted higher, you all are a bunch of idiots to even think that. they tried that last year and it did not work. tebow will be a late first round, new England, or second round pick and some team will work it out.

    you guys had Stafford and yeah he may be a number one pick, but is will play for detroit and just like many other people who have been in his shoes, will make that cash, but get his ass handed to him.

    besides Stafford what other uga qb’s are in the pros? exactly. so all of a sudden ric ht is going to be sending these boys out to the nfl? give me a break.

    no floridas qb’s never translate to the pros, but at least we have been winning sec and national championships. tat my friends is why we will get the athletes to whip that ass.


  9. Aligator

    baltimore dawg, his name is john brantley and he broke all of tebows passing and scoring records for high school in Florida. your ass whippings in Jacksonville will continue to take place.


  10. Will Q

    You spelled alligator wrong.


  11. Aligator

    no, i spelled it that way because of my name


  12. james

    Aligator, Richt has had three season long starters at uga. Green-retiring from NFL, Shockley-NFL, Stafford-projected first pick. That is a 100 percent NFL placement. As for playing after Tebow, Brantley committed before the Tebow love fest got out of hand. The question is, who would want to committ this year to try and follow Tim?


  13. dean

    Actually Brantley committed to Texas but his dad, a UF alum, threatened pull his trust fund or something if he didn’t commit to Florida. And James is right it was while Leak was still there.

    so all of a sudden ric ht is going to be sending these boys out to the nfl?

    I haven’t read all the comments but I don’t think that’s what anybody is saying. The moral of the story is QB’s in UGA’s and USC’s systems are better suited for NFL type offenses.


  14. Aligator

    I agree we have a gimmicky high scoring offense that wins championships and trophies, but the qb’s do not fair well at all in the NFL. Neither do our recievers, Our defensive players and running backs do much better in the NFL.


    • I don’t think it’s gimmicky. What’s the “gimmick”? I think innovative is a better term. I do think the reason it’s done so well recently is because it’s perfectly suited for Tebow’s skill set.


  15. Aligator

    The gimmick is all of the razzle dazzle, speed and mass confusion that is going on out there. We got eight receivers and five running backs that are running all over the place like chickens with their heads cut off.