It’s your Saturday morning buffet!

Shmear a little cream cheese on that bagel, grab your glass of OJ and settle down with these tidbits from the internets:

  • If you want to get a feel for the bipolar nature of the Auburn football program and its fan base these days – first they’re up, then they’re down – you really ought to be reading the excellent The Joe Cribbs Car Wash, where you’ll be led to such recent doings as these:  Auburn lost master recruiter and lifetime Auburn man James Willis to Nick Saban due to a dispute over severance pay (because Chizik fired him and then hired him back), which seems remarkably silly given that the school is tossing ridiculous sums of money at guys like Trooper Taylor; and former WR commit Cameron Kinney, whose skills are sufficient to have Georgia and Oklahoma dueling it out for his services hasn’t even been contacted by the new super duper Tiger recruiting staff even though it seems apparent that Auburn is in fairly dire need of competent wide receivers for its new offense.  Go figure.
  • If you’re one of those who is barely hanging on waiting to find out where the last of the super recruits are going to spend their next few years playing ball, go check out the recruiting prediction model that three economists have developed.  Before you scoff, they’ve been right about 70% of the time over the past three years.  That would win you a lot of money in Vegas.
  • Jack Kingston still hates the Gators.
  • This assessment which appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times (h/t David Ching) kinda hurts:

The aforementioned quarterback guru, who accurately predicted the rapid success of Ryan and Flacco, offered this breakdown of the 2009 draft crop:

Matthew Stafford, Georgia: ”He’s a big guy [6-3, 237] with a great release and a big-time arm who has done it longer than Mark Sanchez. He’s the best guy in this draft. As for the charge that he didn’t win enough in college [27-7 as a starter], the Georgia team had that personality, not Stafford. They don’t win the big game consistently at Georgia like they do at Florida or LSU.”


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15 responses to “It’s your Saturday morning buffet!

  1. RaleighDawg

    All I have to say is that every big time recruit they predicted to go to Georgia, did. I’ll take that.


  2. NebraskaDawg

    The assessment sounds correct to me. Also it doesn’t bode well for us with Marlon Brown.


  3. Brandon

    I think we’ve beaten LSU by an average of three touchdowns in our last 3 meetings, but hey forget facts, we suck.


  4. Ben

    That assessment might be true, but he doesn’t point out that Mark Richt’s Bulldogs rarely lose a road meet in the SEC (unlike his Urbness). Also, I think you’re going to see the Mighty Gators cough one up to a lesser opponent more often than you’ll see the Dawgs cough one up.

    While it’s a poor perception to have, that guy clearly hasn’t done all of his homework.


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  6. NRBQ

    Florida leads in de-commitments on that list. Six of the players in the top 70 who defected were originally “with” the Gators.


  7. Joe

    That perception is based on the fact that we could not get over the UF hump when idiot Zook was there. We had our chance to put them out of our psyche and did not.


  8. SRQDawgs15

    As far as those recruiting projections go, its not at all what I’ve seen or heard about from other places about a lot of those guys. For what its worth,’s 4 analyst projections show Marlon Brown–2 UGA, 1 Tenn, 1 Ohio St.; Orson Charles–3 UGA, 1 FSU; Greg Reid–4 FSU; and some other inconsistencies. Basically completely different than these projections. The same thing goes for recruits of other schools too. Everyone has a guess, but its really between 2 or 3 schools now anyway so 70% isn’t as good as it might seem. We’ll see what happens, but I think we could get Reid, Charles, and Brown plus another guy or 2 like Jawanza Starling, Jarvis Jones, etc… These guys seem high on Florida, as shown by the predictions they have already gotten wrong, and UF’s recruiting seems to have been going poorly since January (more de-commits than new commits). It is what it is, we’ll know Feb. 4th (except for Charles probably because he is visiting USC the weekend of the 6th). Go Dawgs!


  9. Oh yes, LSU was money in big games last year.


  10. Also, David Greene just threw another TD.


  11. JasonC

    Does anyone know how many spots we have? I thought it was around 16-17 + 3 from the guys going to the NFL. We are already at around 18 verbals, so are we going to have to use Sabanmetrics to get all these guys in, if they do in fact sign?


  12. Hobnail_Boot


    22 or 23, which means 4 or 5 more.


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